*UPDATE* Travelling With Little Ones: Our Packing List

In the interest of full disclosure, we are part of the Amazon Associates program. This means that some of the below items may earn us a small commission if purchased through the below links. There is no pressure for any of you to purchase these items through our links; however, should you choose to do so we thank you very much for your support!

So before we left for our Arizona trip, if you want to see pictures of the trip check out our Instagram, we posted about the things we were bringing with us to make travelling with kids easier. If you haven’t read that post, you can find it here.

We promised we would do a follow up post on how useful these items were and how much simpler they made traveling with kids, if at all. Here are our thoughts:

Image result for ju ju be diaper bag queen of the nile

Ju-Ju-Be Convertible Diaper Bag

Was this diaper backpack as helpful as I was hoping? Yes. Because we did this trip with primarily carry-ons having a backpack was extremely helpful through the airports. All the pockets are ideal because it kept everything we needed for the boys organized and easily findable – especially if I was just telling Kyle where something is. Besides the airports & travel days, the backpack was still awesome. It allowed us more freedom when either one of the boys wanted to be carried or when we needed to hold Nixon’s hand while crossing busy streets, walking through Disneyland etc. Even though the bag is smaller than my old gym style diaper bag I never felt like I was compromised in what I could pack. In fact I found I only packed the essentials rather than filling the bag with all sorts of unnecessary items and never once did I think I was missing something.

Image result for kidco peapod travel bed

KidCo PeaPod Plus Travel Bed

Again, this item proved to be as essential as we thought. There were a couple nights where all 7 of us crammed into a hotel room, and not having to worry about fitting 2 extra cribs in the room or making a bed on the floor was a bonus. They aren’t the smallest but they fit beside our bed no problem. It is nice that the boys are both contained but also helpful that there is fabric shades that roll down so it provides a dark & quiet space for them to sleep. A downside is the nylon material it is made out of. It makes a decent amount of noise when the kids move in their sleep but it really was a minor deal. Our youngest had issues in his tent but we found out pretty quickly that he prefers a plush mattress so we simply ordered an extra blanket from the hotel and put it under the entire bed (not inside where he sleeps to reduce risk of suffocation) and it worked surprisingly well. There are a couple modifications I’m looking into to help with the nylon bedding pad but I’ll update you on that once I find a solution.


Image result for summer infant 3d two

Summer Infant 3D Two Double Stroller

This too was a purchase I would highly recommend. After getting through airport security I was very thankful to have a stroller that folded up with one hand, into one piece. If we had brought our City Select that is easily an extra 3 pieces I would be carrying around when it was not assembled. Both the kids did awesome in the stroller, it folded up nice and compact – which was essential because our rental minivan was packed to the brim! A plus I hadn’t really considered was how nice it was to have it tandem style, getting through doorways, and even the crowds at Disneyland was much easier because we were nice and skinny rather than taking up the extra space. Now, I was warned when I bought the stroller that the seats did not recline very far and that is true. That made it a little difficult for the kids to fall asleep in a comfortable position, however, when they were tired enough it didn’t matter and they slept just fine. The storage bin underneath wasn’t huge but it held our UV shade and a couple water bottles which was awesome. The only thing I would recommend (& totally forgot to do) was bring our stroller caddy from our City Select. That would have just given us the storage for things like phones and sunglasses accessible at the handles – it’s on my list to grab when we go to Europe!


Image result for jolly jumper solarsafe net

Jolly Jumper Solarsafe Net

Truthfully we didn’t use this a lot but when we did it came in very handy. I only say that because we weren’t out with the stroller much in Arizona so it was primarily just used during our day in Disneyland. It was a little awkward for the kid sitting in the front seat of the stroller but often times they just got used to it. It kept the inside of the stroller decently cool and allowed us the extra protection from the sun, especially when standing in lines around Disneyland. A bonus, it helped the kids stay asleep because it was a little darker and harder to see what was going on.

Image result for Herschel Supply Co. Survey Kids, Black, One Size

Herschel Supply Co. Survey Kids Backpack

This was something we didn’t really use a ton except getting on and off the plane. Since the kids got to bring one small item on the plane we used this as Nixon’s carry on and it was perfect for what we needed it to do which was carry his toys and stuff. It perfectly fit a few books, toys and his stuffed bunny. Plus, it was light enough that he could carry it himself and as I mentioned last time it’s a way for us to show him that he can carry his own things.

Image result for Native Jefferson Child Pigeon Grey / Shell White

Native Jefferson Child Shoes

Yes. Yes. Yes. This was all Nixon wore during our entire trip. Easy to put on, easy to clean & comfortable to walk in. He wore them all day in Arizona because our patio & grass were often very hot and he wanted to walk over the rocks or stand on the steps in the pool. I never had to worry about changing shoes which, one less thing to worry about is a win in my books! And when we got photos done in the dessert and they got all dusty, a simple dunk in the pool and they were as good as new! In fact, we’ve had awesome weather since we’ve got back home and so we’ve just continued wearing them. I can see these being a staple for both our boys for many years to come. I’m even wanting a pair myself!

Image result for zhiyun smooth q3

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal

This was Kyle’s baby so he will take over here.

Hey everyone, I didn’t think I would have as much fun with this little thing as I did. I only opened it the day before we left and while I did use it a decent amount on the trip it was one of those things where I felt like I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential. It was super simple to use out of the box but it has many modes and other functions that I haven’t played with enough yet. I didn’t like that sometimes the Bluetooth connection took a few tries to connect but other than that I have no complaints. Stay tuned for a video of our Arizona trip!

What is the one thing you never travel without?

Never stop adventuring!

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