A First Class Experience: Part 2


Due to our long journey and us wanting to give you as much detail as possible about our journey, we have split this experience into 3 parts. Here is Part 2:

As we teased last time we had some things on our long haul flight to Hong Kong that we did not have on our flight to New York. The big one being caviar, we will get to that in a moment.

Boarding at JFK was very similar to Vancouver, we boarded right after those that needed special assistance and the same as our last flight we had flight attendants waiting to escort us to our seats, again in 1A/2A. We got our welcome drinks again, Krug of course, along with warm nuts and a hot scented towel (we’re still unsure what we are supposed to do with it, we usually just wiped our face and hands with it). One thing we didn’t mention in the last post is that in First Class you get access to the outside cameras mounted on the plane to watch what is going on outside. We really only watched it during takeoff and landing but depending on the sun all you got was a reflection resulting in a white screen. Below is a video of what we’re talking about.

Once in the air, service started with breakfast. Sam wasn’t feeling great at this point so she requested turndown service so she could sleep and the flight attendants were quick to make her bed and allow her to sleep.


While Sam slept through breakfast, I went with the standard international options of bacon, eggs, sausage, toast. One thing we quickly learned on this trip is that Cathay likes their eggs runny. I got my eggs scrambled and they were what I would consider undercooked by quite a bit. Everything on the plate tasted excellent minus the texture of the eggs, that really through me off but I still ate them. I finished off my meal with a fruit plate and some more Krug.

The service on this flight was similar to the last flight in that it was the best service ever. I had a cold for the past few days prior to our travels and it hadn’t gone away yet so I was blowing my nose a lot. On this flight the first time I blew my nose I was quickly met by a flight attendant with a full box of tissues for me. That was the kind of service Cathay provided all flight long. Once Sam woke from her sleep she was met within seconds of waking up by a flight attendant, “Mrs. Enns is there anything I can get for you? Would you like breakfast now?” Top notch service that was really appreciated. I went and joined Sam at her seat while she had her breakfast and I sat at the other end of her bed that was still made and the flight attendant just made our table over top of it like you see in the second picture below.

This flight was mostly just us chilling out and enjoying the fact we have a bed on an airplane. We both took about a 4 hour nap and then another nap later during the flight to get ourselves accustomed to the New York/Hong Kong time difference.

The entertainment system on the flights was the same it the selection was large. We stuck to western TV shows and movies and there were easily 50+ options. We watched the first 4 episodes of This Is Us, highly recommend it if you haven’t watched it, we’re hooked now, then I watched a few movies (Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures, and one other I forget but they were all excellent). My TV didn’t pop out and swivel like you see in the picture above which was the only negative of the whole flight experience but I managed just fine.


Between meal services we snacked and took advantage of the drink and snack menus, most specifically unlimited Hagen-Dazs ice cream 😀 and authentic Chinese tea.


We played lots of Bohnanza, great card game if you haven’t heard of it you need to get it, and Sam and the Cloud Nine drink became good friends.


Once it was time for the dinner service, it was game on. This is what Cathay is famous for. We were about to get a million course meal on an airplane.


The service started our with their famous Caviar & Champagne combination of caviar and our good friend Krug. Now, let’s just say we aren’t the biggest fans of caviar, this was our first taste of it and it was definitely fishier tasting than we were expecting. It was a good thing that it was accompanied by creme fraiche, onion, chopped eggs, and chives served with these delicious biscuit-cracker things that we loved. I got through about half of my caviar and Sam maybe got through a quarter of hers. Sorry to see such an expensive item go to waste but it was challenge to even get through that much unfortunately. We were served our bread basket at that time also which had one of the best garlic breads we’ve ever had in it. The rest of the bread was perfect for our upcoming soup course.


We both opted for the International Favourites menu, first came the tomato basil soup, a favourite of both of ours. It had real croutons, not those ones from a bag that are hard and dry, these were soft and crispy real piece of bread. The soup itself was hot and delicious. We used the some of the bread from our basket to dip into the soup. The bread was also served with these little balsamic/oil containers that you see in the picture above which we poured onto our bread plate and dipped the remaining bread into.


Our next course was the salad, served with grapefruit, papaya, pomegranate and the biggest shrimp you’ve ever seen. The shrimp, as you can see in the picture took up half the plate each. The salad was really yummy and it was nicely dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette. It was a nice light meal because by this point we were getting full.

For our mains, I ordered the Chilean sea bass and Sam was craving a burger and lucky for her one was on the menu. The sea bass was so good. I’ve never had sea bass before but to have a meal this good on an airplane was something I won’t forget if I ever eat sea bass again. The skin was crispy and the whole fish was perfectly seasoned. The sauce tasted a lot like the soup which was fine by me because it was delicious. The burger Sam had was another slightly disappointing thing on this flight. One half of the bun was rock hard. She ate it open face which was fine but obviously a soft bun on both sides would have been ideal but we aren’t ones to complain so she was dealt with it. It was nice that they served Heinz ketchup in a real bottle though, that was a nice touch.


By this point we were both stuffed, but that dessert option sounded way too scrumptious to pass on so we decided to share one. Warm baked app- I don’t even need to finish reading and I know I’m going to like it. Sam loved it too as I struggled to get my fair share. The dulce de leche ice cream was sooo good as was the vanilla sauce. If we weren’t so full we easily could have had one more of these each.

We were offered a cheese plate or fruit to finish off our meal but we didn’t want to explode on this flight so we declined.

There are two bathrooms in First Class for 6 passengers so there is never a wait. Both of our flights only had 5 people in First so we were fine. The bathrooms contain real porcelain sinks and nice faucets. The wood cabinetry is a nice touch and instead of using paper towel to dry your hands you get real hand towels. There is also Aesop hand lotion, face cream and a facial spray that we don’t know what it does but we used it every time. Our faces felt fresh after using it.


There is plenty of storage at your seat including a little closet at you can see from the very poor quality photo above. There is also storage under the second seat, in the mini cabinet beside your seat and the little pop up space by the window. We travelled with one bag together which we checked but if you travel heavy there is plenty of storage for all of your stuff.

Once it was time to start our descent I was awoken by the flight attendant from my second nap we talked about earlier. She then allowed me to use the bathroom while she converted my bed back into a seat. We landed in Hong Kong and headed for the Arrivals Lounge which is a lounge for people arriving in Business or First Class to shower, check email, eat, etc before leaving the airport. After 16 hours in our pajamas we were desperate for a shower.


The lounge is very small but it does the trick. The shower rooms again are for one person and the shower attendant guided us to separate shower rooms. We wanted to use the same so Sam brought her shower stuff over to mine and we shared as we did in New York. Except here, the shower rooms were much smaller than in New York and our own rooms might have been the way to go. Oh well. We both got to shower and freshen up which felt so amazing after such a long flight sitting in the same pajamas. We then went out to eat and use the computer because Sam wanted to change her flight to return at the same time as me rather than a few days before me. We got the flight change done and ordered a bento box. We weren’t super hungry but there was fried chicken with Japanese mayo in the bento box and we were down for that.

We ate our food then left to head to our hotel. This lounge is not worth spending a lot of time at but it is a nice place to shower up and grab a bite.

In Part 3, the final part to this mini series, we will talk about our time in Cathay Pacific’s amazing Business Class lounges at HKG airport and our Business Class flight to Bali.

Never stop adventuring!

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