Christmas Traditions

Almost a week into December already and we are in full Christmas mode over here! I’ve always loved Christmas, it is by far my favourite time of the year [maybe because my birthday also falls around the same time], as soon as Remembrance Day has passed I’m all about the Christmas music, decorations and activities.

One of my favourite parts of the Christmas season is all the traditions and as I’ve started my own family Kyle and I have been talking about what traditions we want to start, and which ones we want to keep from our own families.

Some that we’re keeping are, attending a Christmas Eve church service, heading to a neighbours house on Christmas Eve for appetizers and a white elephant gift exchange and putting a mandarin orange in the bottom of each stocking [I’m not sure where this tradition came from but it was always a good snack first thing on Christmas morning].

Some traditions that we as a family are starting is, sleeping in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, getting new Christmas pajamas each year and wearing them when we decorate the tree, Elf on the Shelf – super easy when our oldest is only 16 months old and finding local Christmas light displays to go and visit.

Prior to kids we had visited VanDusen Festival of Lights, Bright Nights at Stanley Park, Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge. The age of our kids makes it a little difficult to do some of these again but one that we will definitely hit up is Canyon lights since we have the year pass – we’ll just make sure we go during a less busy time to make it the most enjoyable.

We kicked off Christmas this year by attending Glow, which is a new Christmas attraction that we visited a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. I’ll write another post about it in the coming days but let me say that if you have young kids, it is a great place to take them to get into the Christmas spirit. We followed that by heading out the next day to Squamish to take a ride on the Polar Express, which I’ll also follow up on in another post.

So far it’s been a great start to our Christmas season and I’d love to hear about some of your family traditions!

Never stop adventuring!

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