Main Street Eats: Best Quality Sweets

Overall Rating – 4.5/5

7260 Main St, Vancouver, BC

(604) 324-6677

Open 7 days a week 9am – 8:30pm



We’re back. This time we went Indian. Best Quality Sweets is an Indian Vegetarian restaurant. Sorry, no butter chicken here. It was a different style of restaurant as it wasn’t strictly a sit down restaurant but it wasn’t a take out restaurant like Canan either. As you walk in you’re treated to the sight of an amazing arrangement of Indian sweets behind a glass display case. Everything is meticulously organized and it satisfies the OCD within all of us. The cases gave the restaurant a deli-like feel. The whole layout adds to the deli-like feel with display cases, ordering at the counter (for sweets and take out), and a corner with some tables and chairs for eating.


Nixon loved looking at the well organized sweets


The savoury treats

We got the feeling in Best Quality Sweets that it is a popular hangout among the local South Asian community as there were mothers with their kids coming in for an after school snack, grandparents sitting and enjoying some sweets and couples in there for a lunch date. We were the only white people in the place but as many of you know, South Asians are extremely hospitable. It felt as though we got some sort of special treatment possibly brought on by the feeling that it isn’t a place frequented by white people. This is just a hunch, we have no idea if that is accurate but it’s the feeling we got and it’s by no means a bad thing. Not only were the employees super friendly and hospitable but the other customers were as well. Nixon has only been walking for about a month and that’s all he wants to do these days. We’re pretty liberal about letting him roam free as long as he isn’t interrupting or disturbing others. There was a family sitting next to us who loved him. They would smile back at him, wave at him and encourage his walking. Everyone here was a pleasure to be around. The place was way too busy for us to take any time to talk to the workers about the place so we didn’t get much other information. For now, let’s just say we felt more than welcome in a place where we were the minority.

As we sat down we were promptly brought a menu and some water. After browsing the menu we settled on two things. I have said that I will always order the most popular dish and Sam will order whatever seems most appealing but on the menu was the ‘Best Quality Combo’ which came with “Veg. Pakora, Veg. Samosa, Panner Pakora and Alu Tikki”. Since we can’t eat 4 main course-sized dishes we felt that this combo was a great way to sample the 4 different dishes. We also added a garlic naan to our order because anywhere garlic naan is on the menu, garlic naan gets ordered by Sam.


The food was mostly excellent. I say mostly because one part of the combo was sub par. The paneer pakora was the sub par dish. For those like ourselves who had no idea what this dish was, it is “cream cheese fritters served with chutney”. The fritters were very dry on the inside and had minimal filling. This was the only disappointing thing throughout our whole experience at Best Quality Sweets. Not even their fantastic chutney could save the panner pakora, though. The veggie samosas were delicious. I’m a sucker for any type of samosa so I was really hoping this was not going to be like the paneer pakora and thank god it wasn’t. The samosas were fantastic. It was very well seasoned with a perfect ratio of potato to the other veggies and a crispy, not greasy crust brought my mouth into samosa heaven. The veggie pakora was Sam’s favourite. Vegetable pakora is “mixed vegetarian fritters served with chutney”. As you see in the picture, the plate is finished with a serving of these fritters. There were plenty of them and they were great. The vegetables from what we could tell were cauliflower, potatoes (regular and sweet), bell peppers, cabbage and eggplant. They were deep fried and the batter was so tasty that even if you don’t like one of those vegetables, chances are you won’t even notice. The Alu Tikki was my favourite. It is a spiced potato patty that is deep fried. Basically, it was a very tasty, slightly spicy, deep fried mashed potato patty and I loved every bit of it. I have nothing bad to say about it. Our combo was served with two chutneys, one which was a fresh pesto-like spicy chutney of cilantro, mint, lime juice, and green chiles. The spice was definitely noticeable but not over powering although if you aren’t a fan of spice it would likely be too much for you. If that’s you, then you would love the other chutney served with our meal which was tamarind. It is a sweet and sour chutney and Sam lathered it over everything she ate. It was her favourite. I enjoy spice a little more so the first chutney was my favourite. The garlic naan was great as it was served warm and we got 2 big pieces. An easy way to ruin naan is for it to be dry, this was not. They also threw in 2 spring rolls that we were pretty sure we weren’t supposed to get but they were yummy too. Overall, the combo was great and we would definitely order it again. We didn’t finish all of it between us so we had a snack later that evening. A bonus – Nixon loved most if it as well!


The name of the place is Best Quality Sweets so we couldn’t leave without trying some sweets. The most appealing to us was the gulab jamun which is “deep fried cake balls dipped in honey, served warm”. My experience in the past with Indian sweets is that they are terribly sweet. Neither of us would consider ourselves sweet tooths so we were hesitant. Our hesitancy was not needed. The sweetness was well balanced throughout the cake ball (basically a Timbit) and serving it warm just felt right. The inside was moist and the honey provided a perfect amount of sweetness. We were given 2 and it was the perfect way to finish the meal.


All in all, the value was tremendous. $7.99 to enjoy 4 dishes with enough food that we took home leftovers? Yes please! The naan was $2 as were the 2 gulab jamun. In total we paid $12 for a lot of delicious food.

The decor was nothing fancy. There were a few interesting pieces of Indian art but other than that it was nothing worth going back for. Good thing we didn’t go for the decor and we went for the food. Much like Wo’s, we didn’t have high expectations for decor and therefore it wasn’t a disappointment.

The restaurant had a high chair that we saw after but we had already started our meal and we didn’t bother with it. There was no kids menu, not that we expected one here, but they had no issue with Nixon wandering around the restaurant so we were happy.

Overall, we would definitely go back to Best Quality Sweets and we were very happy with our 3rd stop on Main Street Eats.

Food – 4.5/5 – one dish was sub par but the rest were excellent

Service 5/5 – very welcoming and didn’t have to ask for anything

Kid Friendliness – 4.5/5 – no kids’ menu but very accommodating of kids and had a high chair

Decor – 3.5/5 nothing special but not ugly

Value – 5/5 – lots of food for not a lot of money

Never stop adventuring!

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