Frugal Friday: Thrifting for Babies

Welcome back for another Frugal Friday post. Today, I get to share with you a frugal way that I get clothes for the kids at, usually, discounted prices.

Recently, Kyle and I have actively tried to start buying locally and more ethically sourced clothes. We’re starting with the kids’ wardrobes and then we will start to work on ours. I say “work on” because it does actually take work. You have to be mindful of everything you buy and where you buy it from. You have to decide how many of each article of clothing the kids are going to need. Right now, both kids have bins full of clothes. Going down this new path, though, we have realized a few things: it’s expensive, and thus their wardrobes will be cut down drastically, and it’s very hard to find everything you wear made locally and ethically.

For example, jeans, we haven’t been able to find a local company that makes jeans. What about shoes? Yeah, minimoc is great but we live in Vancouver, it rains a lot as we’ve seen this past week, and those don’t do well in the rain. Where do you buy locally sourced boots? Runners? We realize that while it is easy to make up most of the kids’ wardrobes with locally sourced clothing, not everything, that we know of, is possible.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. As I mentioned earlier, it’s expensive. I can go to Carter’s and get the kids multiple items for $20. When I shop local, I can get one item for $20. This is why I said the kids’ wardrobes will be cut down drastically. Nixon will likely go from 10+ t-shirts to maybe 5. Vanek will go from 15-20 onesies down to maybe 5 long sleeve and 5 short sleeve. Nixon can usually keep a shirt clean for the day and Vanek usually goes through about 2 onesies per day right now. We do laundry minimum once every 5 days for the kids. That’s how we came up with those numbers.

Now, how do I manage to find this locally, ethically sourced clothing for cheaper? 2 ways: Facebook and sales. Facebook has multiple swap/bidding sites as I’m sure you’re all aware. What you may not be aware of is that there are groups that focus on mostly local/trendy brands. These are closed groups so if you want to know which groups I’m talking about you can email me at or if you know me personally you can text or Facebook message me.

In these groups, for example, I have gotten deals on local leggings for $5 versus buying the same pair brand new for $23. They are second hand but kids at these ages don’t usually wear out their clothes very quickly so everything we’ve gotten has been in excellent condition. That is just one example but at minimum I’m buying these items for at least 50% off, usually more.

The other way I’m frugal about kids clothes is sales. Warehouse sales, specifically. Often times local brands will do warehouse sales to get rid of the past seasons items to make room for the next season. These sales are great because you get items brand new and at up to 50% off, sometimes more. These sales are usually posted on Facebook but sometimes getting on brands’ mailing lists is the only way to know.

Here are some of my favourite local brands:


kewe clothing

jax & lennon

If there are others that you know of, please let us know – as I said, we’re still new at this! Even if shopping local isn’t something you’re ready to tackle, simply thrifting or shopping secondhand makes a huge difference. Stores such as Once Upon a Child have tons of inventory from newborn to size children’s size 12. By buying secondhand we are reducing the amount of new items these big box stores are needing to produce and you’re getting lightly worn items at a fraction of the cost, a win – win if you ask me!

That’s all I have for now, happy thrifting!

Never stop adventuring!



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