Main Street Eats: Canan Pizza

Overall Rating – 4/5

Open 7 Days A Week 4pm – 12am


Thanks for coming back to check out our next restaurant review for Main Street Eats. This time, we had pizza. It’s hard to hate a pizza, right? For us, there are two things that can ruin a pizza: too much crust and not enough toppings.

Canan Pizza is strictly a take out or delivery pizza place. They have 4 seats inside for people waiting to pick up their order but otherwise there is very limited space inside, we’re talking maybe 100 square feet. In the picture below I’m standing at the entrance with no zoom to give you an idea of how small it is. To my left where the table with magazines on it is is right beside the 4 chairs. The counter in the middle is where you order and to the right of the man is a very small counter to pay at.

We went in to order our pizza. We wanted to talk to whomever was working so we could talk a little bit about the place and find out what their most popular order was. They have no website but if you want to see the menu online you can use this link. After reading through their menu (they have paper pamphlets at their counter where you pay, just like the one in the link) Sam decided the most appealing thing on the menu was their Chicken Caesar Pizza; here is the menu description of it: Chicken caesar dressing, blended cheese, crumbled bacon, onions and tomato all topped with savory parmesean cheese. Sounds like a chicken caesar salad to me, minus the onion, we don’t put onion on our chicken caesar salad, but maybe you do. After talking to the very polite gentlemen at the counter we found out that their most popular order was the House Special; here is the menu description of it: Pepperoni, ham, onion, mushrooms, green peppers and black olives. We felt this was a pretty standard house pizza description. We ordered it without mushrooms and black olives. I don’t like black olives, or any olives, and Sam doesn’t like mushrooms and it wouldn’t be fair to Canan if we reviewed their pizza with ingredients we didn’t like because for us it would ruin the pizza.

So, how was the pizza? Like we mentioned earlier, we don’t put onion on our chicken caesar salad so having onion on that pizza was a little bit weird for us. It added a nice textural component with the crunch it provided but the taste threw off the overall chicken caesar feel. That being said, the rest of the pizza was great. Caesar can be overpowering but they seemed to find the perfect balance because you could taste it, but it didn’t overwhelm your taste buds. I do wish there was more bacon though because, well, who doesn’t like more bacon? I couldn’t really taste it and honestly until I read the menu again I didn’t even know there was bacon on it. The amount of chicken on the pizza was very generous which we both appreciated. Overall, this pizza is an easy 5/5 with more bacon and less, or no, onion. For now, it gets a 4/5; the lack of bacon and the onion each knock it down half a point.

House Special Pizza

Chicken Caesar Pizza

What about the House Special? This pizza was pretty standard in terms of what we expected. It had a generous amount of meat, one full layer of pepperoni and one full layer of ham. Unfortunately, this pizza had an onion issue also. The onion was the first topping laid down after the sauce. So, imagine you’re making a pizza and on the crust goes sauce then onion, then pepperoni, then ham, then cheese, then green pepper (and black olives and mushrooms if you order it with those toppings). That’s how this pizza was made. The onion on the bottom of the pizza and the green pepper on the top added a crazy amount of crunch. The problem was, too much onion! In every bite you had at least 10+ pieces of diced onion; to us, that’s a little bit excessive. This onion issue was greater than the chicken caesar onion issue so this time it knocks it down a full point because it did overpower most bites. So, again a 4/5.

We haven’t talked about the crust yet. Well, this is what kept both pizzas at a 4/5 and didn’t bring them down further. This was one of the best crusts we’ve ever had. It’s not fair to compare it to what we ate in New York earlier this year (read about that trip here is you wish) because most New York pizza is thin crust. Canan had what we would call regular thickness crust, but it was awesome. The outside had a great crispness to it that provided a good crunch but under that it was soft and easy to get through. The ratio of crust to topping was perfect. We’ve all had a pizza with way too much crust and not enough toppings, right? That’s an easy way to screw up a pizza as we mentioned earlier. Canan nailed it. Fantastic crust.

Your can see how well proportioned the crust is

It isn’t fair to rate Canan’s kid friendliness because they’re strictly a take out/delivery restaurant. The decor also isn’t really fair to rate for the same reason, you’re spending no more than 5 minutes in there at a time.

We will rate their service, though. After we ordered we were told it would be about 25-30 minutes. We walked out of there with our pizza after 28 minutes. It’s hard not to give a 5/5 for service after that. Plus, like we mentioned earlier, the gentleman who took our order was very kind and had no problem discussing the menu with us.

In the comments last time, one reader mentioned they would like to see us talk about value. Did we feel like what we paid was fair for what we got? Their prices are quite reasonable and they market themselves as a ‘2 for 1’ joint. The price inside on their wall menu assumes you’re ordering 2 pizzas:

We ordered 2 medium pizzas and after tax it was $24. $12/pizza we felt was very reasonable. If you order from Panago, their specialty pizzas will cost you about $15 for a medium so we consider this to be excellent value because it has that homey feel vs a corporate joint.

Overall, we enjoyed the pizza we had, and we enjoyed it the next day also as there was one whole pizza of leftovers, and the value was great. Fix the onion issues and this place was close to perfect for us.

Food – 4/5 – less onion, more bacon

Service 5/5 – right on time

Kid Friendliness – not applicable

Decor – not applicable

Value – 5/5 – can’t complain about the prices

Never stop adventuring!


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