NYC Babymoon pt. 2

It’s early in the morning here in Boston, but it’s April 3 which means that I did it. I made it seventeen nights & eighteen days away from Nixon – and yes the emotions are still mixed.

Truthfully, I knew I would make it, the option of flying home wasn’t ever really on the table – unless an emergency came up, obviously. So the battle wasn’t “could I make it this long,” but “how would I handle it; would I enjoy the trip or merely get through it?” Honestly, there were bits of both – which was exactly what Kyle had expected.

The hardest part was saying goodbye at the airport drop off. Even once we boarded the plane I kept thinking that if this plane doesn’t get airborne real quick I am going to simply get off and get back in the car with my baby. Once it took off I knew that there was no choice and that I was headed for the East Coast no matter what. I cried a decent amount of tears between drop off and flight. But once we landed there was no time for tears…it was stinkin’ cold [-15 plus windchill (in Celsius)] and figuring out where we were going and how we were getting there without freezing became my top priority.

The days in New York went surprisingly well – we were busy sightseeing, eating ridiculously good food all the time and battling the winter weather (albeit it was clear and sunny so that was a bonus). The grandparents sent lots of pictures of Nixon smiling and having a good time so that helped reassure my mumma-heart. The hardest time was trying to FaceTime a couple nights in. Nixon lost his mind whenever we would talk to him – or simply talk in general. I tried to tell myself that it was just a new experience and that it’s odd for him but honestly it sucked that my baby cried when I tried to talk to him. So we ended that pretty quickly. Eventually, by about day ten he loved FaceTime, we were able to laugh, and smile and have funny conversations – it was the best.

As our time in NYC wound down, I knew it was going to be a little harder to keep my mind occupied because our days simply weren’t as full. Nonetheless, once again, they have gone better than expected. Kyle and I have had great conversations, even come to just enjoy each other’s silence and tried our best to take in as much of the East Coast as possible – it’s stunning here.

My conclusion on the trip: it was amazing, I am honestly very thankful for this time away of having dream-filled conversations over yummy breakfasts, sleeping in, leaving the house relatively quickly (& with just a purse- hallelujah!), and even spending time just enjoying being pregnant again. Would I do it again? Yes, BUT probably not as long. I am a homebody (unless I’m on a beach somewhere with glorious warm, sunny weather) and by about day ten I was missing just being home. I found myself easily frustrated for no apparent reason until I stopped and realized it was simply because I missed Nixon and missed our routine.

New York City, Washington, Lynchburg, New Jersey and Boston [and every small town in between] you are truly amazing and if your climate was a little closer to SoCal I’d move here in a heartbeat because the character of your cities is magical. However, I’m stoked to be getting on a plane in 10 hours to head home and see my handsome baby!


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