an election brings out more than just a winner

so we here in canada now have a new leader, his name is justin trudeau in case you have come out from under that rock of yours in the past couple days.

yes, i voted conservative and no this is not me being bitter towards the winning liberal party. although i did not vote for mr. trudeau i have not written him off. he did have some good aspects to his platform and i hope he follows through on his promises, some of them, not all. with this election i saw a lot more than a pretty new face to run our country, i saw some things that disturbed me.

one, some members of parliament got in that i do not think deserved to. take surrey’s MP sukh dhaliwal, for example. he was the mp from two thousand six to two thousand eleven for the liberal party for surrey-newton. in two thousand and twelve he was charged with six counts of tax evasion under the income tax act. in two thousand fourteen, he plead guilty to three of the counts and was fined three thousand dollars. now i would assume, and i may be wrong here, that that charge will go on his criminal record. so, let us assume that he has a criminal record now, how is it that someone with a record can get a job in the government? most jobs you and i will have in our lifetime will require a criminal record check to be done and thus if you have a record it will be much harder to get said job. why do the standards all of a sudden change when it comes to government? this disappointed me greatly.

two, our electoral system is not the greatest. the first-past-the-post system is obviously flawed. trudeau and his liberals will have a hundred and eighty four seats in the new parliament. under a proportional representation system they would only have one hundred and thirty five. that is quite a difference considering in this election that sixty percent of canada did not vote liberal.

three, this election was less about wanting trudeau and more about not wanting anymore harper. take sukh dhaliwal for example, would you really vote a for a criminal if you knew his past? i would hope likely not, but people did because with our canadian system you do not vote for prime minister you vote for your member of parliament and then in essence it is a vote for the party you want to be in government and their leader is prime minister. in this case, a vote for a criminal was the vote for prime minister trudeau.

but lastly, and the most disturbing issue i have, is how many of my friends and people in general reacted to harper’s exit. just go onto any major news outlet’s facebook page and read any of the comments on the election related stories. here are a few i found within seconds:

“gosh don’t show his face anymore to Canadians. his pic should be in dictionary beside the word bigotry and shame.”

GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU malignant insect!! Take up your new job as garbage can collector and toilet bowl fixer Harper! That’s all a wormy slime devil like Harper is good for!”

“you elitist, entitled, classist, racist pig of a man.”

the thing is, these aren’t even the worst of them and some of these came from you. you, who calls yourself and identifies as a christian. have you learned nothing in church about how to treat human beings? mr. harper is still a human with a heart, feelings and a family. most of us still have jobs, we are still healthy, we still have the right to vote, we have a good education system, we have universal healthcare, freedom of religion, what else could you ask for? he did not screw up our country, if you want to see screwed up look at china or north korea, that is screwed up. christians get killed in those countries and you are over here complaining because corporations get a better tax break than you. look elsewhere around the world and see how much more we have than them. stop complaining and start being grateful!

lights out!

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