what we love: mia melon… and now introducing…

one man outerwear! for the boys!

so we seem to have developed a great relationship with mia melon and they have sent us some new goodies. remember in our last post we talked about their spring twenty fifteen collection for men, well, it’s here. and it’s awesome. oh and, ladies, they got new stuff for you too!

we each got hoodies this week and we both agree they are unlike any hoodie we have ever put on. sam got both the ‘shenandoah’ and ‘yoho’ hoodies and i got the ‘belford’ hoodie. yeah, that’s right, i, a male, got a hoodie because they just launched their new men’s line, one man outerwear. at first glance you can tell that these hoodies are light and once you put it on you realize you were right, it is light. this is perfect for those days you decide to wear it out on an overcast summer day when you don’t want to put on something super heavy on but still want something waterproof in case it rains.

and that is the best thing about the hoodies, you don’t have to put on a jacket to stay completely waterproof anymore. in fact, they guarantee their hoodies to be weatherproof which means they protect against both wind and rain and you can not deny the fact that those two elements are very prevalent in the area of the world we live in. the nice thing is that they don’t “compromise fashion for function or function for fashion” because their hoodies look good and they do their job, keeping you dry and warm. going to a festival or any outdoor event? these hoodies are perfect and hey, they are even mosquito proof!

the fabric they are made of looks just like a normal fleece hoodie but to the touch it is smooth and very easy to tell that they are waterproof. and of course, you look much more fashionable wearing a mia melon hoodie than you would wearing any old rain jacket.

if you’re like us and have a thousand june birthdays to buy gifts more, maybe it’s time you hit up mia melon for a weatherproof hoodie. or since father’s day is right around the corner, hit up one man outerwear on kickstarter  for your fall twenty fifteen technical weatherproof coats and get their ninety nine dollar early bird specials.

lastly, if you love free stuff, listen up for a free giveaway on the jacket of your choice from mia melon or one man outerwear.

follow both @miamelon and @ourpillowtalks on instagram and like the ‘one man outerwear’ logo post (same picture as the title photo on this post) on @ourpillowtalks page to enter to win a mia melon or one man outerwear jacket of your choice! for extra entries, like one man outerwear on facebook and follow one man outerwear on instagram (@onemanouterwear). good luck! a winner will be chosen on monday june fifteenth at eleven fifty nine pm pacific standard time.

lights out!

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