you’ve told me what you can’t do but…

this weekend i was blessed to attend Village Church’s women’s conference ‘sacred echoes’ and while there i was chatting with an amazing woman who i am so grateful to call my second mum. while talking with her she paused for a moment and then asked me a simple yet challenging question.

back up about three weeks ago, i was driving to costco and was rear-ended, leaving our car written off (still drivable, thank the Lord) and me with some injuries. it wasn’t until a day or so later that my husband became concerned that i had a concussion; a trip to the doctors office would confirm that concern. as a result of that, work is out of the question indefinitely, i had to drop my semester at school and there are very limited activities that a concussed person can do. all of that is not the point of this post but it was necessary background to understand why a simple question could have such a profound impact on me.

in the midst of all my rambling, whining and complaining my friend interrupted me and my thoughts with this, “you’ve told me a lot of what you can’t do, but what can you do?” now i know that might sound pretty obvious for most people, shouldn’t i have a thankful heart and be grateful that the accident wasn’t much worse? however, it was bigger than that. i didn’t know it then but as the weekend continued and i pondered what she said more i think i began to realize what she was getting at.

i had planned to take this time to slow down, yet all i had done was replace school with other busy-ness in my life. i do not believe that this accident was God’s plan, but i do believe that He allowed it in order to get me to slow down and frankly to shut up. i struggle with sitting down and being quiet in front of God, i always feel the need to be doing something, even if it’s just reading a christian book or my bible- all good things but not when it is in place of quiet time with God. at the end of last year God put a verse on my heart for twenty fifteen and ironically i found the verse i while looking through a notebook this morning; [psalms 46:10 be quiet and know that I am God. I will be honoured among the nations. I will be honoured in the earth].

before this God-ordained conversation with my second mum, i had a lot of feelings of frustration, anger, negativity and anxiety but as i continue to reflect on that question and what God is calling me to there is a peace- of mind, body and spirit. God will use everything in our lives to continually mould us and bring Him the glory He deserves. i can grow deeper in friendships and relationships, i can pray, i can simply sit and be quiet before my God and listen – that is what i can do.

lights out!

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