what we love: triarrows

alright people, this post is the first post that will end in a free giveaway! stay tuned ’til the end of this post for details.

triarrows is another product that started out on kickstarter. it is our second one, the other being mia melon that we wrote about before christmas.

started in twenty ten and funded via kickstarter this past september, triarrows’ goal is “to design watches based on inspiration drawn from trends in wrist and from values of life and time. [they] do not only incorporate functions and technical elements into [their] watches, but [they] ensure each of [their] timepieces is unique, fashionable, timeless and matches the wearer’s lifestyle. and if you check out their watches it is easy to tell that they do just that.

the design is all about the bow and arrow and you can tell from their watches that the bow and arrow play a large part in their design. the casings have a bow shape and the crown has a bull’s eye pattern. each watch has three arrows on the surface, hence the name, triarrows. they have used the design of the watch to express the idea of ‘time flies’.

their watches are awesome, classy enough to wear with a suit and casual enough to wear with jeans and a shirt. the nice thing is that they don’t weigh a thousand pounds like some of the other watches i own. their butterfly clasp took me some time to get used to but once i did it was evident that it is a great way to close up a watch. every strap is made of high-quality cow leather and doesn’t rub against your wrist in an irritating way, you will barely notice it is there. the coolest thing about ordering a watch from triarrows is that they do free engraving for you on the watch buckle along with free shipping. plus, if you register your watch within thirty days of ordering they will do free maintenance on your watch for up to two years.

of course most guys love a great watch but they’re always so expensive, these retail for a hundred and forty dollars, but they have some on sale right now for only eighty eight, not too shabby for a luxury watch like theirs.

and of course, like all of our ‘what we love’ posts, triarrows is local here in vancouver.

check them out at their website for the entire collection of watches.

now, the time you’ve been waiting for… this will be our first free giveaway. the watch has been worn twice on my wrist only, once for the purpose of wearing to see how it feels and once to shoot the photos. here’s how to enter:

1. follow @triarrows and @ourpillowtalks on instagram

2. like the three watch posts on @ourpillowtalks instagram page

3. check out adventureneverenns.wordpress.com and http://www.triarrowswatch.com

we will be checking that you have done all the steps.

we will use a randomizer to draw a winner on friday january twenty third

lights out!

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