who is the hardest to pray for?

so last night while in the shower i had one of those deep thinking moments that seem to only come up in the shower. i was thinking about prayer. more specifically, i thought ‘who are the hardest people to pray for?’ or for me ‘who is the hardest person to pray for?’ so while lying in bed i asked sam the same question and she said the exact same type of person that i had thought of.

so why are some people harder to pray for than others? and who are these people?

yesterday was the same day i watched a video of a lady getting her head chopped off with a sword for abusing her daughter; while abuse is wrong, i don’t believe it warranted her beheading. it isn’t hard for me to pray for those that were involved in the beheading, ‘God please come and bring peace and justice. stop the inhumane from what they are doing to others that you have created.’ simple. those people obviously need prayer, they’re broken like us; they also do things many of us would never even consider. those people aren’t hard to pray for.

the other people who aren’t hard to pray for are the people we enjoy. it’s not hard to pray for sam, my family, friends, pastors; all those people in our eyes we believe deserve our prayers and we have no problem praying for them whether in times of need or just that God would continue to bless them. it’s also not hard to pray for our church. we happen to go to a great church that God has blessed immensely so it’s not hard to ask God to continue the work He has done already.

but what about those we don’t like? the ones who are usually at the butt end of our jokes. the ones we like to gossip about. the ones that our sin-filled nature maybe enjoys seeing them suffer, not too much, but maybe just a business deals goes wrong and we feel they deserved it because their business was slimy already. or those who have wronged us in the past and when something similar happens to them we don’t hurt for them even though we know how it feels. those people can be a challenge to pray for because we don’t feel they deserve our prayers. we hold grudges. we forgive in our hearts but, let’s be honest, we don’t forget. God doesn’t just call us to pray for those we like or those that are way on the opposite end of the spectrum, but also those who are our enemies personally.

prayer with sam was different last night as we prayed for those we have never prayed for and don’t enjoy praying for. we challenge you to do the same. it’s likely you have a person that you haven’t or wouldn’t enjoy praying for, pray for them.

lights out!

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