our timing sucks

we want things. now. please and thank you.

but God doesn’t work like that; ultimately, he knows what is best for us because He can see the future and we obviously can not.

many of you know that sam and i were not able to honeymoon right away; sam got accepted into her program for school and was not able to take the time off that we needed to go on a honeymoon, so, the honeymoon we did have planned had to be cancelled. it sucked. at the time. so after getting almost all of our money back we decided to dedicate that towards our honeymoon for the future.

the end of november and beginning of december were the hardest times in our marriage so far. nothing major happened but life finally seemed to have caught up with us. the “high” our newlywed life had worn off and it was time to learn how we were going to make this work for the next ‘x’ amount of years. our devos were lacking, we fought a lot (over things that really didn’t matter), and life together started to feel hard. the fun had seemed to have left our marriage. for lack of a better term, we were in a funk.

God knew all of this; He knew it was going to happen and He already had a plan as to how to deal with it. our honeymoon was His plan. and we approved, not that He needed or ever will need it.

we left for the dominican republic on december sixth and returned on the twentieth, a few days before Christmas. it was just what we needed, twelve days (excluding travel days) of relaxing and enjoying each other with no distractions. a time for us to get ourselves back on track, realign our goals for our marriage and talk about what we thought needed changing. it was like hitting the reset button on our marriage and having a second chance to fix the things we got to learn from in the first few months of marriage.

since our return things have been great. we feel better than ever and things feel right, like we’re back on the same page as cliche as it sounds.

it can be difficult to keep in mind that as we go through life- the highs, the lows and especially the mundane, that God is constantly at work for His glory through us. instead of letting difficulties draw us into worrying and stress, try to view them as setting the scene for His glorious intervention– [Sarah Young, Jesus Calling]

lights out!

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