what we love: mia melon

alright, listen up rain-couver, we have our next product for our segment ‘what we love’ and it’s something we all need. it’s no secret that it rains a lot in vancouver; it’s safe to say that the majority of the year consists of days where you’re more likely to get rain than sun. so, chances are you’re going to need a rain jacket and since christmas is coming up and we can expect majority rainy days for at least another four to five months, why not check out mia melon?


we are so excited about our latest collab with ‘mia melon’, a local company dedicated “keep you fashionably warm and dry at a fraction of the price of an expensive outdoor brand.” sam got to experience the ‘hunter jacket’ in steel grey and she fell in love from the moment she opened the package.


the look is, well, second to none that we have found. their goal to create “fashion-forward” outerwear is evident. he hunter jacket is a beautiful trench-style jacket wrapped in the back with a pretty bow. the steel grey colour is awesome because it can be worn to stay classy or casual and since sam loves neutral colours so there was really no other option because she already has black and nobody gets a white rain jacket. the bow is to be undone and wrapped around the front to keep the front flap from blowing in the wind and thus giving more security to the wearer as it forms to your body. 


we all probably have a rain jacket; something that zips up and keep the rain out, but not many look as good as this one. it is actually quite difficult to find a nice fitting rain jacket that looks great and does his job.` we think we found the one.


since we live in rain-couver, or for those of you who love in your version of our wet city, it is imperative that the jacket actually keep rain out or else you might as well not wear one. this jacket does just that. sam took her old rain jacket and the mia melon jacket and we tested them in out in the rainy pacific northwest while on our trip back from our honeymoon in seattle, basically the same weather as vancouver, rain 10 months of the year. the difference is evident in the photos above, mia melon wins by a longshot due to the very fashionable style. a basic rain jacket is fine if you’re going for that look or you don’t care how you look, but if you care a little or you are going out for a classier night or even if you’re a business man or woman and need to keep your suit or nicer clothes underneath dry, then this is your piece to have.


lastly, the company, mia melon. starting out as a kickstarter project they were soon overfunded, which is never a problem for a start-up business. this then allowed them to follow through on their promises to the people who invested and has allowed them to continue using kickstarter for expansions. they are now on their third expansion moving towards a men’s line in spring of twenty fifteen, something i personally am stoked for! everyone knows that in order to sell a product you need great people, take tanya and todd from mia melon for example, super friendly, easy to deal with and can accommodate whatever needs you may have. tanya is who we dealt with everything was done in a timely and hassle-free fashion. their website has their huge selection of products to choose from so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. and of course there is the fact that their product works; nothing better than buying a product that is proven to do its job. that’s why we buy most of the things we buy anyways, the product should do its job and their outerwear does just that, keeps rain out.

check them out at miamelon.com and if you’re a big lover of the product or idea, have them include you in their next kickstarter project launch by emailing them at kickstarter@miamelon.com to get involved in their next expansion!

as a special gift to you, they are offering forty dollars off any weatherproof coat plus free shipping until December 29!

see all they have to offer at shopmiamelon.com!

again, a huge thanks to mia melon for letting us share their product!

lights out!



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