what we love: SHE IS CLOTHING

we are so excited to be starting our new segment, what we love, talking about products, things and businesses we love, on the blog and we couldn’t be happier to have our first post be with SHE IS CLOTHING.

SHE IS CLOTHING is a company you all need to get familiar with because they are awesome!

i’m sure you guessed they sell clothing, you’re right! we got a women’s t-shirt and i kind of surprised sam with it. it was a company we had both seen all over social media (@sheisclothing) and absolutely loved so, when she found out we would be doing this with SHE IS CLOTHING, she was ecstatic. when i gave her the shirt i said she had to wear it for a day so she could see how it fit, how she liked the material and such, but she didn’t listen, instead, she wore it for two days in a row because she loved it that much! as you can see from the photo we got ‘The Original: Elle est forte {She is Strong} White Tee’ and she even wrapped it all fancy with a nice card when she gave it to us!

the thing about SHE IS CLOTHING is that it’s not only a very comfortable t-shirt (100% cotton without the scratchy feeling of regular cotton because theirs are combed ringspun cotton and thus are super soft), but it stands for something so much greater! their “purpose and prayer is to glorify the Most High with chic and modest fashion” and that’s exactly what they’ve done. every women’s shirt is stamped with Proverbs 31:25 which reads, “strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come;” a verse every christian girl knows and so they should for it is a great verse for girl’s to root their identity in.

plus, how easy it is to witness Christ to others when all you have to do is wear a t-shirt? first, people will ask what your shirt means because it’s in french and second, they will ask what the verse is or what it means; you won’t get an easier transition into a conversation about Christ than that! for example, sam wore it to her school where she is teaching and she had exactly that happen; people asking what the verse meant and she got to tell people. in those two days she had many conversations about christianity in everything from Christ to what church she goes to, all by just wearing a t-shirt.

they don’t stop there though, they have awesome, super cute little shirts for your toddlers, too! you never know “what [could] happen if our little girls knew the strength of our Saviour starting from a young age?” and there’s still more, they didn’t leave you out boys, we got some awesome things to get our hands on, too. a verse that plays a huge part in a lot of guys’ lives is Philippians 3:14 which reads, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” if any of you watch UFC you’ve seen this verse inked on Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. this is the verse stamped on their guys shirts. i know i’ll be getting my hands on one of these, or telling sam to get me one for christmas.

and because kimberly loves you guys so much she has offered a promo on her etsy shop. here’s what you gotta do, go to her shop, select all the awesome stuff you want and then at checkout enter the promo code PILLOWTALKS to get 5% off your order. do this quick because the promo ends tuesday!

lastly, hit SHE IS CLOTHING up on social media and the web…

Instagram: @sheisclothing – http://www.instagram.com/sheisclothing

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sheisclothing

Website: http://www.sheisclothing.com

Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sheisclothing

one last huge thanks to kimberly for allowing us to be a tiny part of what her company is doing, keep it up girl!

lights out!

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