a season of change

being thanksgiving, i figured i would write my first entry to this blog about this new season; a season of extravagant [wonderful] changes. i am a type a person, i like order over chaos, schedules over ‘winging it’, and control…a lot of control; it’s an understatement to say that God has been overhauling my heart in all these areas in preparation for this season- i just wasn’t aware of it.

back in april of this year, kyle and i got engaged – to read the story follow the link to Facebook- while i was thrilled about this whole event, this began the onset of many many many changes. first, i had just finished my undergrad and while starbucks was a great part-time job, it wasn’t going to work full-time [or make a huge dent in saving for the wedding], so i needed a new job…what would it be? no idea. i also was waiting to hear if i was getting into school full-time in september so juggling finances became kind of sticky. secondly, kyle needed to finish his last semester in preparation for becoming a registered massage therapist [yes being married to one is the best]. thirdly, kyle needed a full-time job between now and likely the middle of november. kyle also had his government board exams to write sometime in september which meant lots of studying over the summer and a challenge as to what wedding date to pick.

needless to say, as most logical young adults would do, we came up with a plan, God often rearranged those plans but we wouldn’t be where we are today if he didn’t. i found a great job working as a medical office receptionist [which i had no background in], was wait-listed for school- as bummed as i was we decided working for a year would be the most beneficial, kyle went through a few jobs but finally found a great fit at a rail yard and it gave him lots of study time. seemed ideal, we had set a wedding date and were well on our way to planning the day of our dreams. this included our honeymoon- 10 days all-inclusive in cancun, great hotel, great deal, hot weather, i was set.

not even one week after we booked our honeymoon and less than 2 months prior to our wedding day chaos rolled in. i had been offered a position in my program at school for the september in take, start date…september 4, day before the wedding. two hours later, kyle calls me and his board exam date has been announced…september 13, right in the middle of our honeymoon. truth be told, i was ready to elope right then, reject the schools offer. in reality, i panicked, cried and stressed about it for the rest of the day. thankfully, God provided me with exactly what i needed in my soon to be husband, He dealt with cancelling the honeymoon and confidently told me that entering school was absolutely necessary and that he was behind me all the way.

the next month and a half were not a walk in the park, and there were many hiccups, roadblocks, and speed bumps along the way but now sitting in this new season, i have a better understanding of why God allowed each and every one of them.

we took a minimoon to whistler and i wouldn’t replace it for the world, it was a perfect time to relax and simply be together, but short enough for us to make the most of every moment. and in december we are able to head to the dominican for a relaxing latermoon. being in school is hectic and busy but God has so beautifully confirmed it is exactly where i am supposed to be. kyle works sporadic and often crazy hours at the rail yard, but we make do, and the down time = homework time [most of the time]. we are patiently awaiting his exam marks, and daily relying on Jeremiah 29:11- I say this because I know what I am planning for you,” says the Lord. “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future. we have never gone without and when i foolishly start to panic God never fails to affirm that He is for this marriage. while this is never what i thought my first month and a half of marriage would look like, i could not be more grateful.

taking time to reflect on all that God has done, all that He has provided, all that He has affirmed is something i challenge all of us to do, daily. 

if i could give one piece of advice from this season of change, it would be; no matter where you are at, remember it, journal it and when your season changes, reflect on what has taken place because God is always doing a work that is bigger than us.

lights out

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