what we learned from planning and having a diy wedding

as we have introduced ourselves, we just got married. we got married on september fifth, two thousand fourteen and it was amazing. obviously biased, but it was the best wedding we have ever been to. we know a lot of people getting married or that recently got married and we are sure you do too so we decided to share our experience. here are the things that we learned from planning and having our own wedding…

you will not do all the pinterest ideas you said you would.
we had a joint pinterest account just for our wedding ideas. we had a total of eighteen boards and five hundred and seventy-seven pins and after going through them we can say that we executed about two dozen of them. don’t get us wrong, pinterest is a great website full of many great ideas, but don’t kid yourself either, you won’t do everything you pinned.

you only wanna do it once because planning is stressful.
this is not a myth. it is as true as they come. the difference in your relationship two weeks before the wedding and two weeks after is a noticeable difference. stress really does take over and your relationship will feel it. after the wedding you will notice the difference in how happy you both are with each other and how easy the relationship feels compared to before the wedding.

a minimoon (in our case) or a honeymoon right after the wedding is necessary to maintain sanity and just hear silence.
sam is an introvert. she needs quiet and after planning a wedding, we both did. planning a wedding and attending a wedding does not allow for much of it. plus, the stress we just talked about before this is best relieved by taking some time for yourselves. we couldn’t take weeks to go away so we just took the weekend and while it wasn’t much, it was enough. update: we just booked our honeymoon and it will be three months after our wedding, that’s okay too.

if you’re having dancing, glow sticks are essential.
because everything is more fun with glow sticks. and if you have a good photographer it makes for really cool photos.

you need a wedding day coordinator no matter how organized you are.
again, sanity is necessary and you don’t want to have to remember a thousand things on your wedding day. so, pawn that task off to someone you trust.

during it, it won’t feel like your wedding.
this sounds weird but you won’t feel like you’re at your own wedding. it’s unexplainable, but trust us.

you won’t remember anything the pastor says so have someone video it.
this includes your spouse’s vows so have him or her write them down so you can read them later.

try to get to every table to say hi.
it’s just nice to get around and thank everyone for coming, we put in a good effort and people like to talk more than you think they do and we only got around to half. oops.

some people who RSVP ‘no’ may decide to show up.
we had two of them. luckily, we had empty seats and had somewhere to put them.

couples you invite may break up during your engagement.
it’s bound to happen. it may mess with your seating chart. deal with it as best you can.

write each other letters if you’re not doing a first look.
we didn’t do a first look (it was one of sam’s three rules for our wedding), but we opened a door in the house and stood with our backs to the door to open gifts and read letters we had for each other with only had the photographer there to capture the moment.

people will buy you whatever they want regardless of your registry.
it’s true. your registry doesn’t matter. we had asked for gift cards to three places and we got gift cards to random places, some people wrote cheques, others gave cash, some gave gifts we never asked for. people will just do what they want. be grateful regardless.

don’t open all your gifts at once.
we opened a few cards or gifts each night and it lasted us about two weeks. each night felt like christmas and we imagine it was way more fun than tearing through them all in a couple of hours.

buy booze from that states if you’re having your own bar.
we got married at my aunt and uncle’s farm and we could stock our own bar. if you are able to stock you own bar buy from the states because it’s cheaper than canada.

it will never be what you imagined.
it will never be what you dreamt it to be. it will be far better.

hope this helped those of you getting married and entertained the rest of you.

lights out!

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