Three Under Three

2019 is going to hold at least one big change for our family; we are adding baby number three! If you’ve followed along for any length of time and do the basic math that means that we will have three under three…technically, three under two and a half; either way, we’re about to be out numbered by our littles. We’re excited to share this news now, however, it has taken a while to come to this place. Let us explain.

When we decided to get pregnant with Vanek (our second), neither of us thought through the entire process, we were just excited that we were going to have babies one year apart – how cool right? At times yes, but it was also a lot more work than I maybe bargained for, at least for the first 3 months. So when we talked about wanting a third, we wanted to make sure we were ready, at least more ready than we had been last time. Neither of us were in a place to be quite ready; I still felt like I was getting the hang of two and then we spontaneously took a trip to Bali which meant we needed to wait at least 6 months for the possibility of Zika to pass. Well, long story short but we were cleared of Zika at the end of March but still neither of us were quite ready, we had a big trip to Europe planned and figured we’d wait until after that.

It only took one careless night before we found out baby number three would be coming sooner than expected (we’ve attached the video of Sam telling Kyle at the bottom). When I found out, I cried, and for the most part, not happy tears. I still felt uneasy about most day with the two boys, how the heck were we going to add another? I was scared, nervous and I ran through every situation possible (most of them highly unlikely). Kyle was also a little uncertain, after all, we had just had a conversation about maybe having two kids for a while and taking a longer break and then having two more later…or even just completing our family with two, we were in the midst of praying about it when we got the news.

God clearly has different plans for our family, and while it took a while for our feelings to change, we are learning to accept it and even love it. It means that the amount of control we thought we had over our life is less as we allow God’s plan to take shape. It means much more trusting and relying on Him daily because we certainly cannot do it on our own.

So yes, while this was not planned according to our agendas, God does not make mistakes, nor is He surprised so it was planned long ago by a loving, creative, powerful, yet gentle God and that is reassuring enough for us. Here’s to our party of five arriving January 2019!

Never stop adventuring!

PS. How cute is Kyle’s reaction? And this is the first announcement I’ve actually caught on video haha!