Main Street Eats: Simply Delicious

    Overall Rating 6/10

    4316 Main St, Vancouver, BC 
    (604) 875-9866

    7 Days A Week 4pm – 1 am


    After our amazing night at Ogenki Sushi we saw that we had another Japanese restaurant coming up, Simply Delicious, and were curious how they would compare. Though not the most Japanese name for a sushi restaurant, it was clear by their menu that they were. They describe themselves as a lounge type restaurant serving up casual Japanese fare. By the vibe we got from the place this seems very accurate.


    Simply Delicious was laid out unlike any restaurant we’ve ever seen on this journey thus far. After climbing the steep staircase to get to the restaurant, you see that the tables are lined up parallel to each other across the whole restaurant. It was like a big picnic with these tables all touching each other and running parallel to one another. It was very unique and seemed to work for them although we’re not sure how private it would feel having your meal here. If they seat groups beside each other we felt like it would feel intrusive being so close to the next party and take away from any private moments you wanted to have with your group. If they’re going for the casual lounge experience where people are often standing and mingling then this doesn’t seem like it would be a problem, however, if your group wants any sort of privacy this seems like it would be a big turn off. One last thing about the layout of the interior, the patio seemed like it was the best part of this place; it looks right out onto Main Street and it was covered which is nice for all the rain we get. They also had a cool little bar height table outside their front door that gave it a cool casual feel before you even entered which we though was a nice touch.


    We ordered take out from them and the service was excellent. We were told it would be ready within 15-20 minutes and when we arrived 15 minutes later our order was ready. The lady who gave us the food was friendly and happy to allow us to take some photos before we left. There wasn’t anything she could have done differently to make us feel better about the short moment we encountered with their service.

    Simply Delicious does not have an updated website, there is one from years ago but it is very old and has no menu on it, so the best we could find was this menu from a Yelp review.

    The food was good. Not great, not terrible, just good. If we had to compare it to Ogenki, it’s not even close but it definitely wasn’t the worst Japanese food we’ve ever had. We ordered the following:

    • Spicy Tuna Roll
    • Assorted Tempura
    • Gyoza
    • Chicken Teriyaki
    • Crispy Crunch Roll


    As we mentioned last week we prefer the tuna in our Spicy Tuna Roll to be marinated in the spicy sauce rather than just have the sauce poured on top as this was. The amount of sauce on this roll was almost too much and that’s coming from people who love sauce. Note, we said almost. The other thing we didn’t like about the Spicy Tuna Roll was that it was made maki style. We prefer our rolls to be uramaki style, in fact this was the first time we have ever had a Spicy Tuna Roll maki style. As you can see from the picture, this roll is just rice, seaweed, tuna, and sauce. In our experience, there is usually something else in the roll, most of the times something green like avocado or cucumber. This roll didn’t have that and it left it feeling cheap. It tasted fine but was nothing memorable.


    The tempura was solid. The crunch of the outside was, well, crunchy, as it should be. There were, however, two issues with the tempura: first, one of the vegetable selections was avocado. This was the first time we’ve ever seen avocado in a tempura and while we both love avocado it was basically just a mush when we tried to eat it which was unfortunate. It seemed like an odd choice to us because this seems like it would be expected if you deep fry avocado. Second, there were big pieces of tempura that were fish. The fact that they were fish was not the problem, the problem was that the fish portion sizes were massive. Most of us can usually eat a piece of tempura in about 3 bites, right? Well, this fish tempura as as if it had been taken off an entree order and battered with tempura. It was way too big which threw off the batter/fish ratio and  it was full of bones. The other vegetables pieces of tempura were excellent but the fish and avocado not so much.


    The gyozas were the second best tasting thing we had all night but they too had an issue. The filling, which is why we order gyozas, was severely lacking; what filling there was tasted excellent but the outside/inside ratio was way off in favour of the outside. But again, the taste was excellent which made the lack of filling that much more disappointing.


    The chicken teriyaki was the most disappointing thing we ordered. The chicken itself was seasoned and cooked well but the teriyaki sauce was non existent. Usually with a dish like this there is a decent amount of sauce that you can actually see. Well, in the photo above you can’t see anything really. It looks like a very mild glaze if anything. With a dish like this we usually have sauce running off onto the rice below. Look at that rice, it’s bare. This was extremely disappointing as chicken teriyaki is such an easy thing to do well. The salad that came with it was delightful though.


    The bright spot of the meal was the Crispy Crunch Roll. It had the perfect amount of crunch and spice on the outside to compliment the filling on the inside. Every bite was delicious and this is the best thing we ate all meal.


    In terms of value, this place was a little low on value in our opinion. The total bill for the 5 dishes came to about $40. If we say each dish is about $8 on average then, I think we can see it’s a little bit overpriced. We ordered two spicy tuna rolls and each one only came with 6 pieces, for $4 per roll on average, that’s high especially since there was nothing else in the roll. $8 for a specialty roll like the Crispy Crunch Roll is fine as that was our favourite dish, but $8 for 5 gyozas seems high to us especially since the filling was lacking. $8 for assorted tempura which only gave us 5 pieces total? Yeah that seems high too. And then $8 for an order of chicken teriyaki seems fine but again the sauce was an issue. If everything tasted as we expected it should have then we may have had less of an issue with it, but we would not be happy to pay that price for these dishes again.

    Simply Delicious is probably a place we wouldn’t sit down with the kids as it does have a very lounge like feeling where kids usually aren’t the most welcomed. In the end, we were happy this was a take out restaurant for that reason. There were also no high chairs in sight and, though we didn’t expect one, no kid’s menu.

    Though the service was extremely friendly and welcoming, the food did not live up to any expectation. We would be more than happy to walk a few steps down the street and get our Japanese food at Ogenki. If we had to return we would definitely order the Crispy Crunch Roll again but wouldn’t be very excited for anything else.

    Have you been to Simply Delicious? What was your experience with the restaurant and food?

    Food 5/10 – everything had an issue with it except the Crispy Crunch Roll

    Service 9/10 – the short encounter we had with the server was pleasant and without issue

    Kid friendliness 2/10 – no high chairs or kid’s menu and in a lounge-like setting we would avoid bringing the kids here to sit down

    Decor 8/10 – a cool vibe and all the wood tabletops were very neat

    Value 6/10 – overpriced for the quality of food

    Never stop adventuring!


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    Main Street Eats: Chaise

    Overall Rating 6.5/10

    4444 Main St, Vancouver, BC 
    Sunday 9:00am – 12:00am

    Monday 10:00am–12:00am
    Tuesday 10:00am–12:00am
    Wednesday 10:00am–12:00am
    Thursday 10:00am–12:00am
    Friday 10:00am–1:00am 
    Saturday 9:00 am–1:00am


    We’ve started to get into the “good” area of Main Street now. We put good in quotations because many restaurants so far have been good but most people consider Main Street to really get good the further you go north.

    Chaise is an interesting restaurant with a very pub-like feel to it; so much so, that when we opened the door we had to ask if they were 19+ or not. They’re not, but this was the least kid friendly place we’ve been to so far. It really felt like not many kids go there and once you’re in you understand why. All the tables in the first two thirds of the restaurants are high top bar tables with stools, not ideal for kids, and then there is a small section at the back with tables and one booth.

    For a Friday afternoon at lunch time it was quite busy. It seemed like a popular spot to stop in at lunch time for a brew and a bite. There were many tables with two people doing just that.

    We sat ourselves at the only booth in the restaurant as to keep the kids in and prevent them from running around too much. They had no booster seats or high chairs which made things a little bit more difficult since we recently moved Vanek out of his bucket car seat that he outgrew so we now have to carry him and seat him with us. We made it work but it definitely wasn’t ideal.



    We were quickly greeted by our server who took drink orders and gave us menus. They serve brunch until 3pm which is the first place we’ve come across that does that. We didn’t see anyone having a late brunch but we definitely considered it.


    The menu is pretty large if you consider the brunch menu as well. The restaurant has many “pub grub” options on the menu as that seems to be their style; it also happens to be a style that we quite enjoy.

    My eyes went straight to the Jerk Chicken Flat Bread but as soon as I mentioned that to Sam, she said she wanted the Meatetarian Flat Bread, I think we ended up making the wrong choice but we’ll get to that. I then decided between the Pierogi Burger and the Moroccan Wrap. In the end, we ordered the Moroccan Wrap and the Meatetarian Flat Bread.


    The Meatetarian Flat Bread was okay at best. To be blunt, it tasted like a glorified Bagel Bite. Remember those? Those were my favourite after school snack growing up. The sauce was kind of flavourless and the toppings were okay. The best bites were the bites where you go the chorizo but there didn’t seem to be too much chorizo on there.


    The Moroccan Wrap on the other hand was a hit. I loved it. One thing I hate about wraps is when you get halfway through eating it and it starts to fall apart. This wrap was tightly packed and wrapped properly so that the whole thing stayed together the entire time. That’s a win right there. The flavours were excellent as well. I love tzatziki and there was just the right amount of it in the wrap. Due to the garlic in the tzatziki it is very easy for it to overpower a dish if not portioned properly. Chaise nailed it though. The garlic from the tzatziki was just what this dish needed to compliment the couscous and other veggies. The tzatziki also provided a nice cold contrast to the heated up wrap. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the whole wrap was delicious.


    Our service was okay. Not great by any means. Our server was often slow to come back to our table. The best thing she did was bring Nixon his own water in a small glass. We didn’t ask for it but it was greatly appreciated because we both like lemon in ours and Nixon likes his plain so it’s not ideal for him to share with us. Other than that, the service felt standoffish. We felt like because we were there with kids we weren’t important for some reason. Even once we had paid at the end, the server never came back to tend to the machine or offer us our copy of the receipt so we just left.


    The value was okay as well. The wrap and the flat bread were fairly priced but the mains seem quite expensive. We didn’t order them so we can’t speak to the quality or portion size but hopefully both are on the better side at prices over $20. For a pub style restaurant that seemed high in our opinion. Our meals were fair though.


    As we mentioned earlier, the kid friendliness was the lowest we’ve seen so far. Other than the server bringing Nixon his own water there was nothing for the kids. No high chair, booster seat or kids menu. Although we weren’t expecting a kids menu here.

    In the end, we probably wouldn’t return here, but we’re very curious to see what that Jerk Chicken Flat Bread tastes like.

    Food 7/10 – one lame flat bread and one excellent wrap

    Service 5/10 – fair, we didn’t get much attention and weren’t valued customers

    Kid friendliness 1/10 – the server was kind enough to bring Nixon his own water but since it’s basically a pub so we weren’t expecting much and this score will not be included in our overall score of Chaise

    Decor 7.5/10 – wooden pub style, done well but nothing special

    Value 7/10 – the mains seemed to be overpriced but we didn’t try them, our meals were fairly priced

    Never stop adventuring!

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    Main Street Eats: Cottage Bistro

    Overall Rating 7/10

    4598 Main St, Vancouver, BC 
    (604) 876-6138

    Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 12:00am, Saturday/Sunday 10:00am – 12:00am


    This week we didn’t have time to go and sit down at a restaurant so we did take out. This is nothing new to anyone and especially now that Skip the Dishes, Foodora and the likes have come to town it has been more popular than ever. On the way back from an appointment Sam picked us up some food from Cottage Bistro. Their menu is very modern with an asian flare.

    To be completely honest, I was expecting this place to be a more hipster grub style restaurant. It wasn’t as I soon learned when a kind asian gentleman answered the phone. He graciously took my order and I told him when I would pick it up and he assured me it would be ready by then. Sam was going to pick up the food on her way home but traffic was crazy getting out of downtown. The pickup was schedule for 3:15 and around 3:30 I got a call from Cottage Bistro wondering when the food was going to be picked up. This phone call was appreciated for two reasons: I knew the food was ready at my requested time and the owner cared enough to confirm that his customer would get his food. Since we weren’t going to be in the restaurant to see their in house service, this was a good start to their service.

    Sam showed up shortly after that second phone call and picked up the food. She got to talk to the kind asian gentleman whom I spoke with on the phone and she got to share about the project with him (after she paid to avoid any conflict of interest). He was very excited to learn about what we were doing and wants us to send him a copy of the review once it is posted. He was also gracious enough to give us a $10 off Skip the Dishes coupon and a $5 off Foodora coupon (read to the end to find out how you can win them).

    We ordered the Ginger Beef, a favourite of Sam’s no matter where we are, and the Spicy Potato Wedges. The Ginger Beef had “(hot)” beside it on the menu and if you’ve been following along you’ll know we’re both very okay with spice. Cottage Bistro does not mess around with their spice.

    The Ginger Beef was very good. I wish it had been crunchier but the lack of crunch was likely due to the fact that the time between it being made and us eating it was almost an hour. The ginger flavour was lacking though. One thing we appreciated was that the sauce that was supposed to be on the beef was in a container on the side as to not make the dish soggy on the way home. The sauce was quite spicy, again we don’t mind, but the flavour of the sauce we felt was lost due to the punch-in-the-face amount of spice it contained. It came with a side of veggies which for us were bok choy, broccoli and carrot. Overall, the flavour was okay but it could have been that much better with less spice and more ginger. We won’t dock points for texture because we are aware that was more than likely due to the amount of time that elapsed between being made and being eaten.

    The Spicy Potato Wedges were more like potato wedges with spicy sauce. The wedges themselves are not spicy; however, they are delicious. The crunch was still there, but again not as much as we desired which we are aware is from the time that it took for us to eat it after being made. The wedges themselves are topped with green onion and fried pieces of garlic. The fried garlic was a nice touch that we had never had on fries or wedges before. Usually with garlic fries the garlic is raw and very pungent. This fried garlic was nice and mild with the perfect hit of garlic flavour. The menu says they have a spicy seasoning on them but the ones I ate without the sauce did not. The sauce is a chipotle aioli which I think more than likely was sriracha mayo. We’re not complaining because we both love sriracha mayo. The mix of the fried garlic and sriracha mayo was delicious and those wedges did not last long on our plate.

    After the meal our mouths were on fire from the spice from the sauce with the beef and then the chipotle aioli as well.

    The value was just okay. If you look through their menu the prices are on the higher end. The Ginger Beef was $20 and the wedges were $8. The wedges were fairly priced for an appetizer but the ginger beef was, in our opinion, priced too high. We would have been much more comfortable paying in the $15-17 range for that dish.

    All in all, Cottage Bistro had good food that we both enjoyed. We would love to go back and eat in house and try their food fresh as fresh is best. That being said, there is nothing about Cottage Bistro that would deter us from eating any of their food again. Everything tasted good and the service was excellent. The gentleman who we dealt with was very kind and a pleasure to speak with.

    To win the Skip the Dishes $10 off coupon or the $5 off Foodora coupon, follow us on Instagram @adventureneverenns and we will draw two names from our new followers to win the coupons which we will deliver to you.

    Food 7.5/10 – both good dishes, too much spice in the ginger beef sauce

    Service 9/10 – kind gentleman on the phone and he gave us coupons

    Kid friendliness – N/A, did not eat inside

    Decor 7/10 – nothing special but not terrible 

    Value 7.5/10 – ginger beef was overpriced by a couple dollars

    Never stop adventuring!


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    Main Street Eats: Roots Cafe

    Overall Rating 4.5/5

    6502 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

    (604) 568-8303

    Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm

    Saturday: 9am – 6pm 

    Sunday: 9am – 5pm


    Our first cafe along the journey was Roots Cafe. We actually made two trips to Roots Cafe because they serve breakfast and lunch so we had to try both.

    Roots Cafe is described as a ‘homey Canadian cafe’ and that it is. A very relaxed vibe is obvious once you walk through the door. The feeling we got is that this is a very chill coffee shop where both local high school and college students come to hang out after school, construction workers come for their morning coffee and lunch, and local employees grab their coffee before work. A busy place at certain times of the day and quiet at other times.


    We ate breakfast there at about 9:30am and it was clearly a quiet time. When we got there there was only one other person there. We had no issue with it as we got to enjoy a quiet breakfast as a family.

    Their breakfast menu is brief with only 3 options. 2 classic breakfasts with eggs and the usual sides and one breakfast sandwich. I ordered the big breakfast (house made hashbrowns, bacon, turkey sausage, curried baked beans, toast, & 2 free run eggs, scrambled) and Sam had the breakfast sandwich (2 free run eggs topped with cheddar cheese, mixed greens, tomato, onion & mayo on Texas toast. Served with house made hashbrowns). Before we get into the details, let me just say, you need to eat here; everything we ate at this place is fantastic and we never left hungry.


    The Big Breakfast ($9.95) had plenty of food as you can see from the picture above. The food was seasoned perfectly, this kitchen knows how to use and not abuse salt. The hashbrowns were delicious as they were crispy on the outside and soft cooked perfectly on the inside and seasoned perfectly with a flavour I’m not sure I’ve has before. It almost tasted slightly curried but I can’t say for sure that’s what it was. One thing I’ve never seen on a breakfast plate before is curried beans. Those were very interesting and I must say I enjoyed them although I didn’t finish them. It was such a unique taste that may tastebuds couldn’t take too much of it, but I suggest you try them yourself because it’s an experience in itself.


    Sam’s breakfast sandwich ($6.95) was large. Large enough that she couldn’t finish it and I got to try what she couldn’t finish. It is presented beautifully with the marbled Texas toast and a side of their house made hashbrowns which was generous as usually breakfast sandwiches don’t come with a side in my experience. As a breakfast sandwich should be, the yolk was runny throughout the sandwich which is a must in a egg sandwich. The mix of the yolk and mayo made a perfect sauce that covered each bite.

    Salted Caramel Latte (left) and white chocolate mocha (right)
    Since Roots is a cafe we both decided to try a beverage with our breakfasts. Neither of us are regular coffee drinkers, however we gave their white chocolate mocha and salted caramel latte a try. I loved my mocha – which is saying a lot since coffee is not a favourite flavour of mine. Sam enjoyed the salted caramel latte, even though I found it too salty. I don’t believe the latte is available all year round, likely a seasonal beverage. Needless to say breakfast was a hit.


    While there, we noticed an award for their butter chicken poutine ($10.95), and since we didn’t have room to try it after our breakfasts, we decided we would come back another time for lunch. The award was not lying. Sam and I shared the butter chicken poutine along with two more beverages – white hot chocolate for me and a dark hot chocolate for her. The portion was generous, we’re glad we shared, and it tasted amazing. The fries were nice and crunchy despite being topped with butter chicken. The spiciness of the butter chicken was above average and there was a paste in the middle that had an extra kick was was nice but overall a great balance of flavours and textures. We would suggest mixing the paste in with the rest of the butter chicken. It was the best thing we’ve eaten on this journey so far. We both loved our hot chocolates also, not to sweet but full of flavour.


    Dark hot chocolate (left) and white hot chocolate (right)
    Overall, this was as close to a 5/5 as you can get without being a 5/5. If I had to tell give a negative about the place it would be the lack of choice of bread. Usually with breakfasts that include toast you get to choose your bread. White seemed to be the only option here and I expected to have a bit more variety. One last thing was the lack of choice of jam for the toast; I was given strawberry which I quite enjoy but for someone who doesn’t like it I could see this as a problem for them. And, I was only given one thing of jam for 2 slices of toast. I’m sure if I asked for more I could get some but it would have been nice to be served with what was needed. One thought Sam had here was that the beans were meant to go on the toast. As this place is famous for their poutine, a french dish, and beans on toast is a Quebec thing. But again, for someone who doesn’t like that, sufficient jam should be available. Service wasn’t fantastic but as this is not an actual restaurant I’m not sure what was to be expected. Nobody asked us how anything was at any point during being there. After we ordered, we didn’t talk to another employee at all actually. That is just us nitpicking at minor issues, though, because overall everything we ate was fantastic and we left satisfied.

    A couple final things to mention, they are licensed. They have Steel & Oak’s Red Pilsner and Blue Buck on tap. They also make all their sandwiches that you see in the case in house. Go check this place out and make sure to try the butter chicken poutine, you won’t be disappointed.


    Food – 5/5 – can’t find a complaint about the food we ate

    Service 4/5 – some sort of interaction after ordering would have been appreciated

    Kid-friendliness- 4.5/5 – no kids’ menu but very accommodating of kids and had a high chair

    Decor – 5/5 – modern, fun, homey feeling

    Value – 5/5 – hot drinks were cheaper and better tasting than Starbucks or any other corporate chain and the food prices were comparable to most places with the added value of a home-cooked feeling

    Never stop adventuring!


    Main Street Eats: Best Quality Sweets

    Overall Rating – 4.5/5

    7260 Main St, Vancouver, BC

    (604) 324-6677

    Open 7 days a week 9am – 8:30pm



    We’re back. This time we went Indian. Best Quality Sweets is an Indian Vegetarian restaurant. Sorry, no butter chicken here. It was a different style of restaurant as it wasn’t strictly a sit down restaurant but it wasn’t a take out restaurant like Canan either. As you walk in you’re treated to the sight of an amazing arrangement of Indian sweets behind a glass display case. Everything is meticulously organized and it satisfies the OCD within all of us. The cases gave the restaurant a deli-like feel. The whole layout adds to the deli-like feel with display cases, ordering at the counter (for sweets and take out), and a corner with some tables and chairs for eating.

    Nixon loved looking at the well organized sweets
    The savoury treats

    We got the feeling in Best Quality Sweets that it is a popular hangout among the local South Asian community as there were mothers with their kids coming in for an after school snack, grandparents sitting and enjoying some sweets and couples in there for a lunch date. We were the only white people in the place but as many of you know, South Asians are extremely hospitable. It felt as though we got some sort of special treatment possibly brought on by the feeling that it isn’t a place frequented by white people. This is just a hunch, we have no idea if that is accurate but it’s the feeling we got and it’s by no means a bad thing. Not only were the employees super friendly and hospitable but the other customers were as well. Nixon has only been walking for about a month and that’s all he wants to do these days. We’re pretty liberal about letting him roam free as long as he isn’t interrupting or disturbing others. There was a family sitting next to us who loved him. They would smile back at him, wave at him and encourage his walking. Everyone here was a pleasure to be around. The place was way too busy for us to take any time to talk to the workers about the place so we didn’t get much other information. For now, let’s just say we felt more than welcome in a place where we were the minority.

    As we sat down we were promptly brought a menu and some water. After browsing the menu we settled on two things. I have said that I will always order the most popular dish and Sam will order whatever seems most appealing but on the menu was the ‘Best Quality Combo’ which came with “Veg. Pakora, Veg. Samosa, Panner Pakora and Alu Tikki”. Since we can’t eat 4 main course-sized dishes we felt that this combo was a great way to sample the 4 different dishes. We also added a garlic naan to our order because anywhere garlic naan is on the menu, garlic naan gets ordered by Sam.


    The food was mostly excellent. I say mostly because one part of the combo was sub par. The paneer pakora was the sub par dish. For those like ourselves who had no idea what this dish was, it is “cream cheese fritters served with chutney”. The fritters were very dry on the inside and had minimal filling. This was the only disappointing thing throughout our whole experience at Best Quality Sweets. Not even their fantastic chutney could save the panner pakora, though. The veggie samosas were delicious. I’m a sucker for any type of samosa so I was really hoping this was not going to be like the paneer pakora and thank god it wasn’t. The samosas were fantastic. It was very well seasoned with a perfect ratio of potato to the other veggies and a crispy, not greasy crust brought my mouth into samosa heaven. The veggie pakora was Sam’s favourite. Vegetable pakora is “mixed vegetarian fritters served with chutney”. As you see in the picture, the plate is finished with a serving of these fritters. There were plenty of them and they were great. The vegetables from what we could tell were cauliflower, potatoes (regular and sweet), bell peppers, cabbage and eggplant. They were deep fried and the batter was so tasty that even if you don’t like one of those vegetables, chances are you won’t even notice. The Alu Tikki was my favourite. It is a spiced potato patty that is deep fried. Basically, it was a very tasty, slightly spicy, deep fried mashed potato patty and I loved every bit of it. I have nothing bad to say about it. Our combo was served with two chutneys, one which was a fresh pesto-like spicy chutney of cilantro, mint, lime juice, and green chiles. The spice was definitely noticeable but not over powering although if you aren’t a fan of spice it would likely be too much for you. If that’s you, then you would love the other chutney served with our meal which was tamarind. It is a sweet and sour chutney and Sam lathered it over everything she ate. It was her favourite. I enjoy spice a little more so the first chutney was my favourite. The garlic naan was great as it was served warm and we got 2 big pieces. An easy way to ruin naan is for it to be dry, this was not. They also threw in 2 spring rolls that we were pretty sure we weren’t supposed to get but they were yummy too. Overall, the combo was great and we would definitely order it again. We didn’t finish all of it between us so we had a snack later that evening. A bonus – Nixon loved most if it as well!


    The name of the place is Best Quality Sweets so we couldn’t leave without trying some sweets. The most appealing to us was the gulab jamun which is “deep fried cake balls dipped in honey, served warm”. My experience in the past with Indian sweets is that they are terribly sweet. Neither of us would consider ourselves sweet tooths so we were hesitant. Our hesitancy was not needed. The sweetness was well balanced throughout the cake ball (basically a Timbit) and serving it warm just felt right. The inside was moist and the honey provided a perfect amount of sweetness. We were given 2 and it was the perfect way to finish the meal.


    All in all, the value was tremendous. $7.99 to enjoy 4 dishes with enough food that we took home leftovers? Yes please! The naan was $2 as were the 2 gulab jamun. In total we paid $12 for a lot of delicious food.

    The decor was nothing fancy. There were a few interesting pieces of Indian art but other than that it was nothing worth going back for. Good thing we didn’t go for the decor and we went for the food. Much like Wo’s, we didn’t have high expectations for decor and therefore it wasn’t a disappointment.

    The restaurant had a high chair that we saw after but we had already started our meal and we didn’t bother with it. There was no kids menu, not that we expected one here, but they had no issue with Nixon wandering around the restaurant so we were happy.

    Overall, we would definitely go back to Best Quality Sweets and we were very happy with our 3rd stop on Main Street Eats.

    Food – 4.5/5 – one dish was sub par but the rest were excellent

    Service 5/5 – very welcoming and didn’t have to ask for anything

    Kid Friendliness – 4.5/5 – no kids’ menu but very accommodating of kids and had a high chair

    Decor – 3.5/5 nothing special but not ugly

    Value – 5/5 – lots of food for not a lot of money

    Never stop adventuring!