So… We’re Going to Bali…

After a whirlwind past couple days and an unfortunate airport incident on my brother’s Southeast Asia trip, Sam and I have decided to go join him for several days in Bali. Sam will stay for about 10 days and I will stay for 14 days.

Yes, that’s right, in the past 48 hours we decided to leave our kids for several days and head over to Bali to travel with my brother. Thank God for amazing grandparents with flexible work schedules. It has been hectic trying to pack ourselves and pack for the kids but we are very excited. Obviously because Bali is beautiful and it’s going to be amazing but also because we’re flying there in First Class with Cathay Pacific. You can read all about the First Class Experience on Cathay Pacific here.

Yup, this is one of the joys of having points. If you haven’t been following along, a few times per month I write a points/travel related article to help people begin their award travel journey and be in situations where you can afford to fly in seats you could never afford and sleep in hotels you usually ogle at from the outside. If you want to follow along please check out our TRAVEL section.

We are flying Vancouver to New York on Cathay Pacific’s Fifth Freedom Flight then New York to Hong Kong in First Class then Hong Kong to Bali in Business Class.

A Fifth Freedom Flight is a flight operated between two countries where neither country is that airlines’ home country. When flying, airlines must be departing or arriving in their home country. For example, Cathay Pacific is stationed in Hong Kong so all of their flights must be departing from or arriving in Hong Kong. Fifth Freedom Flights are the exception where certain airlines can operate certain routes without arriving or departing in the home country.

It is a weird route to go to New York, the opposite direction, then to Hong Kong but guess what? That just means more time for us in First Class. About 22 hours in the air in First Class to be exact.

If you haven’t noticed by now I am very excited. Cathay Pacific has one of the best First Class products in the world and they’re notoriously difficult to find space on. You usually have to book within a week of departing or if you’re lucky you can book about 330 days in advance although availability is much more difficult to find. They also boast some of the most luxurious lounges in the world to relax before your flight. Check out this lounge in Hong Kong.

This flight is going to cost us about $250 CAD in taxes and fees. If we paid full price for this flight itinerary it would cost us almost $60,000 CAD.

Unfortunately, on the way home we have to fly economy with the regular folks ;). That’s going to be rough.

If you want to follow along on our adventure, follow us on Instagram @adventureneverenns where we will be posting and doing stories. We are on the way to the airport now and will start doing stories shortly.