Main Street Eats: Wo’s Chinese Restaurant

Out next newest segment on the blog, Main Street Eats. Our goal is to eat at every restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver. We will be starting at Wo’s Chinese Restaurant on the south end of Main Street making our way north along the east side all the way to Waterfront Street then back down the west side of Main Street heading south back to Marine Drive. We will skip chain restaurant but stop at every other joint that sells food. Sam will always order whatever looks most appealing on the menu and I will order whatever the most popular meal is.

Throughout this series, we will be rating the restaurants on the following categories: food, decor, kid-friendliness and service.

This is what the front of the restaurant looks like from Main Street.

A few days ago we ate at our first restaurant, Wo’s Chinese Restaurant. You know those restaurants you see and you think to yourself ‘there’s a 50/50 chance I come out of there with food poisoning’? That was this place. But this place is also a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ place because it was excellent.

As you enter Wo’s it feels like any other restaurant, tables, chairs, people. Nothing special about the decor, just regular wooden tables and chairs. It’s a seat yourself place; at least it was for us.

Wo’s provides high chairs for families that need one.

We were quickly greeted and tea was brought to our table along with a menu. We poured the tea ourselves and it was your standard Chinese tea, which we both love. They also offered us a high chair for Nixon which we appreciated because, to be honest, we weren’t expecting them to have one. The waitress brought one over and set it at the table. This was awesome because Nixon doesn’t sit still so putting him in an adult chair is always risky. He’s fallen off them before but he doesn’t learn lessons very quickly so it’ll take a few more falls before he learns. Maybe. Hopefully.

As you can see from the menu (add about $1 to each of these prices as they are old), the food is very reasonably priced for lunch. Our one issue with their kid friendliness is they don’t have a kid’s menu. This is an issue because the adult portions are so big. Or not an issue if you feel like sharing with your kids, depends how you look at it. The dinner menu is slightly more but not by much, depending on what you order. I ordered Chicken Chow Mein and Sam ordered Fried Shanghai Noodles with Pork. Both came with your choice of hot & sour soup, chicken corn soup or a pop. I ordered the hot & sour soup and Sam ordered the chicken corn soup. The soup was our only issue with the food at Wo’s. The soup has a very gelatinous texture. The taste is great but if you’re a texture eater like Sam then you won’t enjoy the soup. They were, however, nice enough to bring a kids bowl and kids spoon for Nixon to use which we really appreciated.


Now, the main event, the food. Well, both meals were excellent. I would say top 5 Chinese food I’ve ever had. Everything was seasoned very well, tasted great and the portions were massive. Sometimes I worry about these places cheaping out on the protein but I had plenty of chicken and Sam’s meal had a very generous amount of pork. I was impressed. The portion was so big that neither of us finished our food. I got about two thirds the way through my meal and Sam got maybe halfway hers. Needless to say, dinner was taken care of that night. The waitress happily packed up our leftovers into the classic styrofoam containers for us to take home. All that for less than $20!

Less than $20 for lunch (and dinner leftovers) for 3!

A few things to note about Wo’s: They are closed on Tuesdays, seems like a random day to be closed to me but that’s their day off I guess. Nobody in the restaurant that served our table spoke great English. It was good enough to get by but while we were ordering, Sam wanted to make a substitution and the waitress didn’t understand so we just left it; it was a minor deal but it can be frustrating for some people. The last great thing about Wo’s, free parking. If you drive around to the back, there is a a little 4-stall parking lot that

Nixon’s stamp of approval after a full belly of Chinese food

Overall, we would highly recommend Wo’s Chinese Restaurant to anyone looking for some quality, but well-priced Chinese food. See our ratings below:

Food: 5/5 – excellent all around

Decor: 2/5 – boring but we didn’t go there for the decor

Kid-friendliness: 4/5 – would have been 5/5 if they had a kid’s menu

Service: 4/5 – poor English, otherwise it would have been a 5/5

Never stop adventuring!