Main Street Eats: Tandoori Oven

Overall Rating 4.5/5

 6452 Main St, Vancouver, BC

(604) 565-3355

Tuesday 5pm – 11am

Wednesday to Monday: 11am – 11pm

Back to the Indian food this week on Main Street Eats. Tandoori Oven is a prime example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ because if you did you would be missing out on some amazing Indian food.


This was the best service we have had along this journey so far and it wasn’t even close. Sam, the boys, my mom and I ventured into Tandoori Oven last week and if decor or ambience mean a lot to you then maybe just skip this place because it’s not pretty. Cardboard boxes piled up in the corner, random tables and chairs with no real order, it’s kind of a gong show on the inside, which made me immediately say to our table “this is going to be the best food yet.” I was right.

The waiter who served our table, we learned later he was the chef and owner too, was such a genuinely kind guy. His goal the whole time seemed to get Nixon to like him. Nixon was shy at first but the waiter said “by the end, he’s going to be my friend, I love kids.” He was right because by the end he was high-fiving and playing with Nixon.

Their menu is very Indian with a splash of North America as is seen by the burgers and wraps. There was no way we were ordering from that section of the menu.


I ordered the goat biryani ($9.99), Sam ordered the butter chicken ($9.99) with garlic naan ($1.99), and my mom ordered the lamb kabab ($9.99) with regular naan ($1.50). When our food came it was basically all share plates. The biryani I ordered could easily have filled up two people, the butter chicken and lamb kabab were fairly portioned for one person. We all helped ourselves to each other’s plates and all agreed that the food was amazing.


My biryani was something I had never had before. The goat came off the bone with the slightest pull with a fork and was so flavourful, not spicy but intense flavours that were delicious. It came with classic biryani rice which I love. As I mentioned before, this didn’t get finished even with 3 of us eating off of it, the portion was enormous. Sam’s butter chicken was so good. She loves dipping garlic naan into just the sauce and she said it was one of the best she’s ever had. The chicken was falling apart which was perfect or getting onto your naan. It came in a little metal pot which we thought was great presentation. As mentioned in the Best Quality Sweets post she loves garlic naan and always orders it. We both agreed it was the best one yet. Mom’s lamb kabab was the final dish we ordered and was just as delicious as the rest. Hers was spicy, though. Quite spicy in fact. She ended up eating most of the biryani and butter chicken as it was too spicy for her. The lamb was perfectly seasoned and had great contrast between tasting the initial sweet, minty flavour then being hit with the spice at the end.


The service was unbelievable. Our waiter asked if he could bring Nixon some french fries, we declined as he was eating the food on the table just fine. He brought the fries anyways. And they too were fantastic. They were seasoned in a way I had never tasted. I assume some Indian seasonings that I was unfamiliar with.

As it was slow when we were in there, we got to know our waiter a little bit. He grew up in India and has been a professional chef for 14 years. Before moving to Canada, he was a chef in 3 different 5-start restaurants in Dubai. Tandoori Oven has only been open for 10 months. He said he knew about all the other Indian restaurants in the neighbourhood and wanted to be different. According to Skip the Dishes, he is already the most popular Indian restaurant in the neighbourhood for deliveries and after eating there it makes sense why. He was a very kind man and we hope to visit him again soon and try something knew.

This place will definitely be our go to for Indian food when we’re in the neighbourhood.

Food – 5/5 – everything we ordered was amazing, we wouldn’t hesitate to order anything from the menu here

Service 5/5 – it doesn’t get any better

Kid-friendliness- 4.5/5 – no kids’ menu but very accommodating of kids and had a high chair

Decor – 1/5 – you can’t get more basic than this

Value – 5/5 – cheap plates with enough for a meal of leftovers

Never stop adventuring!


  • Raj

    I came to this restaurant after reading your review however I didn’t have a similar experience with the food. The butter chicken was ok; there was nothing unique about it. I ordered some French fries as well because I was curious what they tasted like and they tasted like plain old French fries. In fact, the French fries were the same ones I buy from grocery stores.

    My grandma makes better food than this place.

    • ennsy

      Hey Raj,
      Thanks for reading our post. That’s really upsetting that you had that experience. We definitely had opposite experiences. The fries are store bought but the seasoning was different to us. The butter chicken wasn’t revolutionary but it was a solid meal for sure.
      Thanks for reading! Hopefully some of our other places produce better results for you.