Main Street Eats: Chevere Eh!

Overall Rating 3.5/5

6440 Main St, Vancouver, BC 
(604) 565-9983

Monday – Saturday 12pm – 8pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm


Chevere Eh! has eluded us up until now. Their website is not consistent with what Google says about them in terms of hours and even after phoning the restaurant to get their hours they have just changed again. The hours are above are current as of today as I just got off the phone with the owner. This is the first week that these hours apply. We went yesterday and it was her first Sunday being open in months. She was open 5pm-9pm and was unsure as to how the night would go but had 4 phone calls for take out when we got there at 5pm. We had called beforehand to see if we could order at 430pm and pickup at 5pm and she had no issue with this.


As an owner, she is a very sweet lady. The kind that you root for. She runs the whole restaurant by herself. The restaurant is mainly take out orders and Skip the Dishes is her biggest client by a large margin she said. The restaurant has only been open for about 7 months and business has been great. She is hoping to grow the business big enough so she can move down Main Street and be closer to the bigger restaurants further down.


We were excited to try the food as Venezuelan is a cuisine neither of us had tried. Of course we’ve had burritos and tacos before but never from a Venezuelan restaurant so we were curious to see if we noticed a difference.


Unfortunately, the food was underwhelming. We were quite disappointed as we wanted this to be a big hit. The owner was super kind and we wanted so badly to give her a good review to help her achieve her dream of moving to a bigger location. But we aren’t going to lie and let our emotions influence our reviews.

We ate with my brother and dad so we made sure to order as much variety as we could. We ordered the following:

3 Arepas (one chicken, one pork, one beef)

1 burrito (beef)

3 orders of tacos (one chicken, one pork, one beef)

1 quesillo

Portion wise everything was great. The tacos were much smaller than we thought they would be but since you got 3 it was a fair portion.


The arepas were a very good size but ultimately, as with the rest of the food, were dry. Anytime you eat something that is carb-based and it is dry, it doesn’t taste good. You know that feeling where you have to chew something extra because of how dry it is? That’s what we had to do with the arepas. The filling itself was even a little dry. The beef was the best one we had as it was still slightly moist. The chicken was quite dry as was the pork. These were disappointing.


The tacos were the same as the arepas. To preface this, neither of us are big fans of corn tortillas because we always find them dry. We prefer flour but we are well aware that corn tortillas are the authentic way to do tacos. And double up on the tortilla. These were done exactly like that, corn tortillas and doubled up. We ate them with just the one tortilla and they were okay. Again, the tortilla tasted very dry and the fillings were actually quite bland. By looking at the filling you could tell it was the exact same as what was in the arepas but maybe the cheese in the arepas helped with the flavour of the arepa because in the arepa it tasted different. Most of the taco filling had no flavour, luckily they came with sauce that helped.


The burrito on the other hand was a complete 180 from the rest of the meal. If you go to Chevere Eh! I highly recommend the beef burrito. It’s not make with ground beef but rather shredded beef. The rice was nice and moist. All the filling was packed in neatly and the burrtio was wrapped perfectly. Nobody likes eating a burrito that is going to fall apart halfway through. This one didn’t. The ratio of rice, beans and meat was perfect. We have nothing bad to say about the burrito and it was definitely the savoury saving grace of this place.


The quesillo was also very good. We love flans and this one was no different. I’m not a huge fan of coconut which this was topped with but Sam loves coconut so naturally she enjoyed it much more than I did, though I still quite enjoyed it.

We can’t comment on the coffee or the soup of the day as we didn’t order either.

The value was okay. The prices were fair but we just wished the quality was a little bit better. If you just base value off of price to portion then everything was very fairly priced. Unfortunately, the quality just wasn’t there with everything on the menu. We’re rooting for this place and the owner but as of right now, it isn’t near the top of our list.


Food 3/5 – dry and bland but the burrito and quesillo saved it from a lower score

Service 5/5 – very sweet lady and even let us order before she was open

Kid friendliness N/A as there is almost no space inside and is mostly a take out restaurant

Decor 5/5 – fun, inviting place with cool colours and a nod to Venezuela

Value 3/5 – portion size was fair but quality was lacking


Never stop adventuring!