Going Local: Minimoc Review

Minimoc Introduction

As we mentioned in our Introduction post for this series, we’re going to share all of our favourite companies in a variety of different kids categories. Minimoc is our favourite company for local and ethical kids footwear. Minimoc is a kids footwear company that started out by Amanda making moccasins out of scrap leather that Jeff used to make wallets for his groomsmen.  Almost all of their products are still designed and manufactured at their factory in Abbotsford, BC.

Amanda and Jeff Penner are the husband wife team behind Minimoc and you can read what they have to say about themselves on the Minimoc About page; this post is all about why they’re our favourite footwear company for kids and the things we love about them.

Our boys have been wearing minimocs for 2 years now and we have mocs in all sizes that will continue to be worn by our future kids. That’s one of the best things about Minimoc is that their mocs are so well made that they will last well beyond just one kids. They also have mostly gender neutral designs and patterns but they also have great ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ coloured mocs as well so you won’t ever have a problem finding something for your little one. We’ve been super happy with the service we’ve received and the products we have. The mocs seem to never wear out; even the used pairs we’ve bought still look brand new!

Our boys wear minimocs on the regular

Minimoc: What We Love

Our focus when we shop is to buy from companies that are local, ethical, and sustainable in the way they source, process, manufacture their products. Minimoc is our favourite company for footwear because they adhere to all of those qualities that we look for. We’ll save the details for the blog post about our interview with Amanda and Jeff, but everything they do is as ethical, local, and sustainable as they can. The best part though, is that everything is quality to top it all off. We’ve never actually had a pair of minimocs wear out. Besides the fact that everything Minimoc does is local, ethical, and sustainable, those aren’t the only things we love about them.

They’re local. That’s what this whole series is about and the fact they’re a husband and wife team makes it even cooler as that’s not often a dynamic you see in local businesses; often it’s the wife with the help of her husband but the fact Jeff is so involved is really neat.

They’re easy to get on and off. This is a very important quality of kids’ shoes because putting shoes on kids can be a huge hassle. Minimocs have a tab on the back of the shoes that allow you to pull them on easily. Taking them off is easy by just pulling the heel off and sliding the rest of the moc off the front of your kids’ foot. Sometimes you can get your kids’ pinky toe stuck in one side of the moc when putting it on but if you use two hands, one on each side of the moc, it’s much easier and you can avoid getting the pinky toe stuck. Another bonus, there isn’t specific shoes for left & right meaning it’s super quick to grab a pair and throw them on your kid as you head out the door.

Their leather is ethically sourced. Jeff explains this in detail in the next post where we interviewed them so we’ll save the details for then, but this was a really encouraging point to hear about in detail as leather is often of the the most unethically sourced materials.

They keep as much of their work local as they can. All of the mocs they make are made in the factory in Abbotsford but local employees. This means their employees are all getting fair wages which is great to see because they could easily move that work overseas to cut costs. To see their business also support the local economy by hiring local help is so great to see.

minimocMinimocs make everyone happy!

Their styles are classic and timeless. Almost all of their styles are simple plain colours that will never go out of style. Black shoes have never been out of style since even before we were born. They have cute patterns for certain seasons of the year of course, but the majority of their styles are classics that will be in style forever. Also, plenty of gender neutral options which we have personal opted for because we want to be able to pass them down through our kids and hopefully their kids too!

They genuinely listen to their customers feedback. The way the Voyageur shoe came to be was because the customers, you and I, were asking them for a more sturdy shoe that can be worn outdoors. They don’t just send out a survey or ask for feedback for the heck of it, they take it to heart and listen to what we have to say.

Their shoes can be worn all year long. Even as we get ready to approach winter, our kids wear the mocs inside as slippers and even if we’re going over to a friends house we put them in them to wear as slippers there too. Then the Voyageurs can we worn whenever we need to go outside and for playtime.

They don’t make the kids’ feet stink. One thing we were worried about with wearing shoes barefoot is that the shoes and the kids’ feet will stink; well, they don’t. This was such a relief to realize because stinky feet are not okay in our household.

minimocMinimocs are good for all situations!

Minimoc: Our Minor Issues

There are only two things we had an issue with when it comes to Minimoc:

Learning how to put the mocs on takes time. Like anything, the more you do it the better you get at it. Learning how to put the mocs on so you don’t get your kids’ toes stuck took several tries before we could easily get them on. Putting the mocs on with two hands, one on each side, and pulling wide when putting them on was a game changer for us.

Minimoc Voyageurs in Santorini!

The Voyageurs can aggravate sensitive skin. This is probably just an issue for a very small percentage of kids out there but for our boys, who have very sensitive skin and also have some eczema, the Voyageur shoes aggravated Nixon’s Achilles’ area of his skin and left some marks. This can be easily combatted by putting socks on, but if you decide to do this we recommend buying the Voyageurs a size bigger to account for the socks.

Minimoc Rocks

Minimoc is a fantastic company. We had to get pretty picky to find anything we didn’t like and one of those things will only apply to very few of you. We can not recommend them enough and we will continue to be lifelong customers of theirs. If you have not had a chance to get yourself a pair of minimocs, their online warehouse sale starts today! Hurry over there before everything is gone, though. We shared all about why warehouse sales are our favourite earlier in this series so check that post out to learn how you can save big money. And even better, you can win a free pair of minimocs by visiting our latest Instagram post and entering in the comments.

Come back later this week to read our interview with Amanda & Jeff! And be sure to follow them on social media below!

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