Going Local

Going Local: Introduction

As some of you know, over the past year we’ve put a very conscious effort into buying our kids’ clothes from local and ethical companies as much as we can. It has been difficult as we haven’t been able to find everything local – more on that in our next post – and it is definitely more expensive than going the alternative route of buying whatever from wherever the price is best. We have built up a time capsule wardrobe for each of the boys and we have decided to share our journey and highlight some of the companies that we are most comfortable buying from. Join us on this adventure we’re calling Going Local.

Going Local

Going Local is going to be a series all about the journey we’ve undertaken to buy as much as we can from local companies who hold themselves to ethical standards. We chose kids clothing and accessories to start the series because it’s a category most of you can relate to as you have kids and we see many of you at the sales and on social media posting about a lot of the same companies we will be featuring in this series. There are tons of businesses out there that are dedicated to kids clothing and accessories and it can be very hard to differentiate between which companies are just local and which are being ethical as well. For Going Local, every business that we will feature in this series we have personally vetted and bought from before we started this series to ensure they met our standard of local and ethical.

What Can You Expect From ‘Going Local’?

Over the course of this series you can expect us to share posts about our journey of going local, our favourite brands we put our kids in, and interviews with the founders of some of these brands. In Our Journey, which will be the next post, we will document our journey in going from international corporate brand our kids used to wear to local, ethical brands that our kids now wear. We will share everything from how much money we spent making the switch, ways we saved money, how we keep track of what we have and what we need, and why we decided to make the switch.

Going Local

When it comes time for us to write about our favourite brands since going local, we will do it in two parts: the first post will be all about why we love the brand and the second part will be our interview with the founders. The first posts about the company will include which products we like specifically from that brand, why we like them over others in that category, and how moving our kids into their product has impacted us in every way. In the interview posts, it will simply be a transcript, with some commentary, of our interview. We will ask them questions about their journey, what has gone well and what has gone wrong along the journey, why they felt the need to start the company, what criticism has the company faced, and what the future looks like for the company. We are very excited about these interviews and are excited to bring the personality of the brand and the people behind them, to you.

What Categories Will Be Featured In Going Local?

All the companies we are going to feature will be local to the Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions. The categories we will be featuring are:

  • Footwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Clothing
  • Baby Wearing
  • Skincare
  • Brick & Mortar Store
  • Online Store

Going Local

We hope you’re as excited about this Going Local series as we are. Along the way, we want to hear your story, too. Either in the comments here or on Instagram, let us know your experience with each company that we feature.

Stay tuned for our journey in the next post.

Do you have any guesses as to which company we’ve chosen in each category?