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Going Local: Beluga Baby Review

Beluga Baby Introduction

Last week we featured Minimoc as our favourite local kids footwear brand and we shared an interview we conducted with Amanda and Jeff Penner, Minimoc’s founders. Today, it’s all about baby wearing. Wearing your baby is something every parents has to do at some point and finding the right piece of equipment to do so can be a daunting task. Wrap or carrier? Front or side? 2, 3, or 4 positions? There are so many things to consider and so many brands out there that it can be impossible to decide between all the options. Well, let us make this simple for you, pick Beluga Baby.

Beluga Baby makes all of their wraps out of bamboo materials, which as we shared earlier in this series, is a very ethical and preferred material for the environment compared to others. Haley, Beluga Baby’s founder and owner, has made sure to keep that a priority in everything they do. We bought our Beluga Baby wrap from a local kids clothing store, who we will feature later on in this series, and we haven’t regretted it for a second. There are so many things to like and so many reasons that it reigns supreme over all the others out there. In fact, being pregnant, I’m actually excited to get to wear it again.

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Beluga Baby: What We Love

It’s light. Before we had our Beluga Baby wrap, we had a different brand wrap and it was so heavy. The material was thick and it was not even close to what you get from your Beluga Baby wrap.

It’s breathable. Both of our boys were born in the summer so carrying them around in the summer means it’s hot, especially with a baby on you. That’s why the Beluga Baby wrap is so great, because it’s made of bamboo, it’s really breathable and you get airflow to help keep you cool while you wear it. You can still wear it in winter also, since it’s so light and easy to wear, you can just add layers to yourself and due to its ability to stretch, it will always fit no matter how much or how little clothing you’re wearing.

It’s surprisingly sturdy and durable. Since it’s made of light, breathable bamboo, we thought it might be flimsy and/or not as durable and something heavier wraps or those made of other material. It has held up to lots, even our extra large children.

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It doesn’t lose its shape. The wrap is flexible and stretchy but thankfully, when you stretch it to its limits, or wrap it on yourself nice and tight, it doesn’t lose its shape or lose its ability to stretch. It remains the same size and shape regardless of how much you use it or how much you stretch it.

It’s easily washable. Since it’s only made of bamboo material, it’s just like washing any other piece of clothing, you just throw it in with the rest of your clothes. Rather than putting it in the dryer, we always air dry ours as we do all bamboo materials.

It’s soft on baby. The material is actually very soft to the touch, which means even if it’s over baby’s face or baby is tucked up under the wrap while sleeping, it’s soft and comfortable for baby.

It’s reasonably priced. It’s not hard to spend over $200 when shopping for a baby wrap or carrier, this wrap can be had for under $80.

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There are so many fun colour options. If you go to the Beluga Baby website, you can see all of the different colours and patterns to choose from. Do you like things simple? There are basic colours to choose from. Do you like things more fun and outgoing? There are stripes, tie dye, and floral to choose from.

You can put it on before you leave the house. One of our favourite things about their wraps is that it saves you time when you’re out. If I know I’m going to need to wear the wrap while out, I will always put it on before I leave the house. This saves me the time and hassle of trying to do it while out, especially if the kids are cranky and because it’s actually comfortable to wear, it’s not an issue while driving and wearing the seatbelt.

It stops your baby from fussing. Don’t ask us to explain how this works but Vanek would always fuss in other wraps or carriers. Even if I was at home and he was cranky and refusing to nap, I would put him in the wrap and he’d be asleep in a few minutes. We’re not sure if there’s some magic she put in the bamboo material or what, but this is a huge positive.

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Beluga Baby: Our Minor Issues

It takes time to learn how to wrap it. Admittedly, it took more than a few times to learn how to wrap it comfortably. Thankfully, Haley has done a great job at providing tutorial videos to show you how to do it. Plus, she is super responsive to messages so if you message her with an issue, she will provide suggestions for you to make it easier or more comfortable.

It doesn’t hold bigger kids as comfortably. We’ve had 2 big boys so far. We didn’t have our Beluga Baby wrap when Nixon was born, but Vanek didn’t last in it longer than 6 months when he hit about 20 pounds. It just wasn’t as comfortable to wear him. We know moms who love wearing their wrap well past that weight so it’s not like it can’t be done but it wasn’t our preference and he started to not like it as much.

Beluga Baby Bottom Line

Do it. Go and but one right away, you won’t regret it. There are so many great things about this wrap, plus Haley has kept things as local and ethical as possible which means a lot to us. Baby wearing has been shown to be super healthy for babies as baby stays warm and close to mom or dad. Speaking of which, yes Kyle has worn it before and even he admits it’s super comfortable to wear. And even better, you can win a free Beluga Baby swaddle by visiting our latest Instagram post and entering in the comments.

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