Main Street Eats: Cottage Bistro

Overall Rating 7/10

4598 Main St, Vancouver, BC 
(604) 876-6138

Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 12:00am, Saturday/Sunday 10:00am – 12:00am


This week we didn’t have time to go and sit down at a restaurant so we did take out. This is nothing new to anyone and especially now that Skip the Dishes, Foodora and the likes have come to town it has been more popular than ever. On the way back from an appointment Sam picked us up some food from Cottage Bistro. Their menu is very modern with an asian flare.

To be completely honest, I was expecting this place to be a more hipster grub style restaurant. It wasn’t as I soon learned when a kind asian gentleman answered the phone. He graciously took my order and I told him when I would pick it up and he assured me it would be ready by then. Sam was going to pick up the food on her way home but traffic was crazy getting out of downtown. The pickup was schedule for 3:15 and around 3:30 I got a call from Cottage Bistro wondering when the food was going to be picked up. This phone call was appreciated for two reasons: I knew the food was ready at my requested time and the owner cared enough to confirm that his customer would get his food. Since we weren’t going to be in the restaurant to see their in house service, this was a good start to their service.

Sam showed up shortly after that second phone call and picked up the food. She got to talk to the kind asian gentleman whom I spoke with on the phone and she got to share about the project with him (after she paid to avoid any conflict of interest). He was very excited to learn about what we were doing and wants us to send him a copy of the review once it is posted. He was also gracious enough to give us a $10 off Skip the Dishes coupon and a $5 off Foodora coupon (read to the end to find out how you can win them).

We ordered the Ginger Beef, a favourite of Sam’s no matter where we are, and the Spicy Potato Wedges. The Ginger Beef had “(hot)” beside it on the menu and if you’ve been following along you’ll know we’re both very okay with spice. Cottage Bistro does not mess around with their spice.

The Ginger Beef was very good. I wish it had been crunchier but the lack of crunch was likely due to the fact that the time between it being made and us eating it was almost an hour. The ginger flavour was lacking though. One thing we appreciated was that the sauce that was supposed to be on the beef was in a container on the side as to not make the dish soggy on the way home. The sauce was quite spicy, again we don’t mind, but the flavour of the sauce we felt was lost due to the punch-in-the-face amount of spice it contained. It came with a side of veggies which for us were bok choy, broccoli and carrot. Overall, the flavour was okay but it could have been that much better with less spice and more ginger. We won’t dock points for texture because we are aware that was more than likely due to the amount of time that elapsed between being made and being eaten.

The Spicy Potato Wedges were more like potato wedges with spicy sauce. The wedges themselves are not spicy; however, they are delicious. The crunch was still there, but again not as much as we desired which we are aware is from the time that it took for us to eat it after being made. The wedges themselves are topped with green onion and fried pieces of garlic. The fried garlic was a nice touch that we had never had on fries or wedges before. Usually with garlic fries the garlic is raw and very pungent. This fried garlic was nice and mild with the perfect hit of garlic flavour. The menu says they have a spicy seasoning on them but the ones I ate without the sauce did not. The sauce is a chipotle aioli which I think more than likely was sriracha mayo. We’re not complaining because we both love sriracha mayo. The mix of the fried garlic and sriracha mayo was delicious and those wedges did not last long on our plate.

After the meal our mouths were on fire from the spice from the sauce with the beef and then the chipotle aioli as well.

The value was just okay. If you look through their menu the prices are on the higher end. The Ginger Beef was $20 and the wedges were $8. The wedges were fairly priced for an appetizer but the ginger beef was, in our opinion, priced too high. We would have been much more comfortable paying in the $15-17 range for that dish.

All in all, Cottage Bistro had good food that we both enjoyed. We would love to go back and eat in house and try their food fresh as fresh is best. That being said, there is nothing about Cottage Bistro that would deter us from eating any of their food again. Everything tasted good and the service was excellent. The gentleman who we dealt with was very kind and a pleasure to speak with.

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Food 7.5/10 – both good dishes, too much spice in the ginger beef sauce

Service 9/10 – kind gentleman on the phone and he gave us coupons

Kid friendliness – N/A, did not eat inside

Decor 7/10 – nothing special but not terrible 

Value 7.5/10 – ginger beef was overpriced by a couple dollars

Never stop adventuring!