Main Street Eats: Chaise

Overall Rating 6.5/10

4444 Main St, Vancouver, BC 
Sunday 9:00am – 12:00am

Monday 10:00am–12:00am
Tuesday 10:00am–12:00am
Wednesday 10:00am–12:00am
Thursday 10:00am–12:00am
Friday 10:00am–1:00am 
Saturday 9:00 am–1:00am


We’ve started to get into the “good” area of Main Street now. We put good in quotations because many restaurants so far have been good but most people consider Main Street to really get good the further you go north.

Chaise is an interesting restaurant with a very pub-like feel to it; so much so, that when we opened the door we had to ask if they were 19+ or not. They’re not, but this was the least kid friendly place we’ve been to so far. It really felt like not many kids go there and once you’re in you understand why. All the tables in the first two thirds of the restaurants are high top bar tables with stools, not ideal for kids, and then there is a small section at the back with tables and one booth.

For a Friday afternoon at lunch time it was quite busy. It seemed like a popular spot to stop in at lunch time for a brew and a bite. There were many tables with two people doing just that.

We sat ourselves at the only booth in the restaurant as to keep the kids in and prevent them from running around too much. They had no booster seats or high chairs which made things a little bit more difficult since we recently moved Vanek out of his bucket car seat that he outgrew so we now have to carry him and seat him with us. We made it work but it definitely wasn’t ideal.



We were quickly greeted by our server who took drink orders and gave us menus. They serve brunch until 3pm which is the first place we’ve come across that does that. We didn’t see anyone having a late brunch but we definitely considered it.


The menu is pretty large if you consider the brunch menu as well. The restaurant has many “pub grub” options on the menu as that seems to be their style; it also happens to be a style that we quite enjoy.

My eyes went straight to the Jerk Chicken Flat Bread but as soon as I mentioned that to Sam, she said she wanted the Meatetarian Flat Bread, I think we ended up making the wrong choice but we’ll get to that. I then decided between the Pierogi Burger and the Moroccan Wrap. In the end, we ordered the Moroccan Wrap and the Meatetarian Flat Bread.


The Meatetarian Flat Bread was okay at best. To be blunt, it tasted like a glorified Bagel Bite. Remember those? Those were my favourite after school snack growing up. The sauce was kind of flavourless and the toppings were okay. The best bites were the bites where you go the chorizo but there didn’t seem to be too much chorizo on there.


The Moroccan Wrap on the other hand was a hit. I loved it. One thing I hate about wraps is when you get halfway through eating it and it starts to fall apart. This wrap was tightly packed and wrapped properly so that the whole thing stayed together the entire time. That’s a win right there. The flavours were excellent as well. I love tzatziki and there was just the right amount of it in the wrap. Due to the garlic in the tzatziki it is very easy for it to overpower a dish if not portioned properly. Chaise nailed it though. The garlic from the tzatziki was just what this dish needed to compliment the couscous and other veggies. The tzatziki also provided a nice cold contrast to the heated up wrap. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the whole wrap was delicious.


Our service was okay. Not great by any means. Our server was often slow to come back to our table. The best thing she did was bring Nixon his own water in a small glass. We didn’t ask for it but it was greatly appreciated because we both like lemon in ours and Nixon likes his plain so it’s not ideal for him to share with us. Other than that, the service felt standoffish. We felt like because we were there with kids we weren’t important for some reason. Even once we had paid at the end, the server never came back to tend to the machine or offer us our copy of the receipt so we just left.


The value was okay as well. The wrap and the flat bread were fairly priced but the mains seem quite expensive. We didn’t order them so we can’t speak to the quality or portion size but hopefully both are on the better side at prices over $20. For a pub style restaurant that seemed high in our opinion. Our meals were fair though.


As we mentioned earlier, the kid friendliness was the lowest we’ve seen so far. Other than the server bringing Nixon his own water there was nothing for the kids. No high chair, booster seat or kids menu. Although we weren’t expecting a kids menu here.

In the end, we probably wouldn’t return here, but we’re very curious to see what that Jerk Chicken Flat Bread tastes like.

Food 7/10 – one lame flat bread and one excellent wrap

Service 5/10 – fair, we didn’t get much attention and weren’t valued customers

Kid friendliness 1/10 – the server was kind enough to bring Nixon his own water but since it’s basically a pub so we weren’t expecting much and this score will not be included in our overall score of Chaise

Decor 7.5/10 – wooden pub style, done well but nothing special

Value 7/10 – the mains seemed to be overpriced but we didn’t try them, our meals were fairly priced

Never stop adventuring!