Frugal Friday: Closing Sales

    This one is going to be short and sweet but it can also be of great value to you.

    Sometimes, businesses fail so badly that they go out of business. When this happens, they need to liquidate their assets. This includes their inventory.

    Currently, there are two local business that are closing and have the entire store on sale: Sears and Wholesale Sports.

    We went to Sears this past weekend to check out the sales. We got Vanek his next car seat at 20% off and we got some bed sheets at 50% off.

    Wholesale Sports is currently 20-50% off the whole store with firearms and ammunition 15-25% off. Wholesale Sports carries all sorts of outdoor, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing equipment and much more so it is definitely worth checking out.

    Happy shopping.

    Never stop adventuring!

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    Frugal Friday: Family Adventures

    One of favourite things to do as a family is be outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s the park, a forest or just our culdesac; we love being outside.

    Capilano-6One of our favourite outside places to go is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Unfortunately, it’s not free. In fact, it’s quite expensive at over $40 per adult. The benefit, though, is that if you’re a BC resident, you get an annual pass with your admission.


    We went last year late in December during their popular Canyon Lights event. You can click the link to find out more about Canyon Lights but it’s by far their biggest event of the year. They light the park up with hundreds of thousands of lights into a magical experience. It’s by far our favourite event that they put on and we make a note to go each year.


    The reason we went late in December, but before Christmas still, is that now our annual pass gets us into Canyon Lights again this year. That way, we maximize our value. We went the other day as a fun family outing and even with no special event on it was still a great outside day for the family. Obviously, the more you go, the more value you get out of your pass. We suggest going once per season; once in winter while it’s snowy and white, once during spring when flowers are in bloom, once in summer on a warm afternoon, and once during fall to see the beautiful fall colours. And of course, once at Christmas time to see the Canyon Lights.


    You can see from some of the photos in this post just how fun and beautiful the park is and for just over $40 for an annual pass to one of our cities best attractions, we find this to be a pretty good deal. Also, if you have a valid student ID you can get that annual pass for just over $30 per person. And if you go once per season and again for Canyon Lights, that’s just over $6 each time.


    It’s one of our favourite things to do and we find it to be worth the money, so this December, go get your annual pass and maximize your value throughout the year.

    Never stop adventuring!


    Frugal Friday: Discount Stay at the Fairmont

    Welcome back to our second post in our Frugal Friday series. If you missed our first one, check it out here.

    Today, we are going to show you how to get a very discounted stay at any Fairmont in Canada. Wanna stay at the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise? Wanna stay at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver, one of Vancouver’s most expensive hotels? Well, here is how to do that at a discount. This isn’t a very frugal buy today but it’s one you can get heavily discounted if you’re willing to splurge a little bit.


    First, you must be a Costco member. We are going to be using a deal that Costco has on Life Experience Canada e-certificates. Here is the link for the product we want. You will see this page.

    Costco Page

    You can see that you get a $100 e-certificate for only $74.99. Nice. We’re already saving 25%. But that’s not good enough, we want more! Well, change the quantity to 2 (or however many you want. It might be a good idea to see how many you will need based on the price of the Fairmont night you actually want to redeem this for). Now you are getting 2 $100 e-certificates. Add them to your cart. You’ll see later why you need more than 1. On the next page you will have to sign in to your account. If you don’t have one you will have to create one. Once you do that you will get to the shipping page. You aren’t actually getting something shipped to you but you still need to fill it in as if you are. Fill it in and click ‘continue to payment’ and you will see this page.

    Costco Checkout

    Now, you want to pay with Masterpass. If you don’t have a Masterpass account you will need to create one and add a MasterCard to your account. If you do that, as per this deal you will get an additional $25 off. This is why you needed more than 1 certificate in your cart. This should bring your $200 in e-certificates to only $124.98. That’s 38% off!

    Within 24 hours you will receive your e-certificates with a certificate number and pin. They will look like this:


    After about 36 hours, the certificate will be activated and you can use it on Life Experience Canada. Search for Fairmont and add as many as you have certificates to your cart.



    Once that process is done you will get an email with the Fairmont Gift Certificate attached it should look like this.


    Now, what you’ve read so far I can guarantee will work. 38% off at Fairmont in Canada, that’s pretty sweet. But let’s see if we can make it even better. Fairmont has a ‘Best Rate Guarantee‘. That means if you find a Fairmont night on another website for cheaper than their website, they will match it and beat it by 10%. Fairmont Vancouver Waterfront was recently listed at $251 on Trivago (it’s not anymore) for some December dates. Their rate on the website was $287. That means that night would have cost about $225 after they match it and beat it by 10%. We now have $200 in gift certificates to Fairmont that we paid $125 for. After we pay the difference between the $225 and our $200 we will have paid $150 ($125 for certificates plus $25 difference) for a $287/night room. That’s 48% off.

    Finding a rate that’s cheaper than Fairmont’s website is up to you. You need to be persistent until you find one and then call Fairmont ASAP to get them to match. Hopefully you can get this to work for a great discount. Good luck!

    Never Stop Adventuring


    Frugal Friday: Date Night

    A new weekly segment on the blog, starting today, is Frugal Friday. Once a week we will share a way that we saved money or did something frugal that week. Things will vary from how we saved money on our kids, dates, holidays, and even in our home.

    For those who don’t know us, we like to save money. So much so that since we have had kids, we’ve only bought one thing brand new, a stroller. We will share more kid money-saving tips along the way but today is all about date night.

    Date night, something you seem to forget about when you have kids. Well, we try to do it a couple times per month, just the two of us. We try. One of the benefits of having family close to home is that they can babysit and lucky for us they are always willing to spend time with their grandkids. Money saver number one right there, not needing to pay a babysitter, use family as much as you can if they’re willing. At the same time, make sure they know you appreciate them and their willingness to babysit.

    How do we save money on date night? Well, for example, yesterday we bought ourselves a dinner voucher from Travelzoo. This one to be exact. $69 for two people to eat at a four-star restaurant including one appy, two mains, and dessert. Seems like a good deal to me. Almost 50% savings. But we made it even cheaper by turning this into a double date with friends, so I bought the voucher for four people. About $32 per person for an appy, main, and a dessert? Seems like a steal to me.

    Travelzoo send out a Top 20 deals of the week every Tuesday, I always check it out as they have great deal on everything from food to hotel nights to vacations. You can sign up here to get the Top 20 in your inbox each week.

    We use discount sites like this all the time. In fact, we bought our honeymoon through Groupon. We paid for our flights on our own then booked this voucher for our stay. We got our honeymoon for eleven nights all-inclusive for less than $1,000 per person flights included.

    So, that’s our first Frugal Friday, we will update you each week with something we did to save money and I’m sure this won’t be the last time it’s buying something through a discount site. Before you look to buy something or go out to eat, check out a discount site first to see if they have what you’re looking for or something similar. And, if you’re on vacation, check those same sites out in the new city you’re in. There’s always a deal to be had.

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