A First Class Experience: Part 3

Due to our long journey and us wanting to give you as much detail as possible about our journey, we have split this experience into 3 parts. Here is Part 3:

So you’ve read all about flying First Class and now it’s all about Cathay Pacific Lounges and their Regional Business Class.

After a very disappointing stay at the Best Western Hotel Kowloon, we awoke nice and early and caught public transit to the airport. We had a decently early flight so we were at the airport early to shower up (the hotel shower was gross) and have some breakfast before our Business Class flight to Bali.


We got to The Pier Business Class Lounge and made our way to the showers. The shower rooms again were for one but this time they were bigger at least. I showered up and left Sam to do her hair then meet me for breakfast. I wandered through the lounge, checking out every corner of it and it was large. Very large. There were rooms for everything.


At the far end past the shower rooms was the relaxation room, or as it seemed to me, the napping room. Everyone was sleeping on these giant oversized chairs that lined the outside of the room. On the inside of the room were big comfy couches to relax on.


Most importantly, the food here was amazing. It was breakfast at the time and there were so many options. Those rolls in the picture above were to die for and if it weren’t for Sam, I would’ve eaten them all. There were endless options for food and drink, literally anything you can think of, it was there. Even tomato juice. Gross.


The above picture was my first of many plates of food. See how runny the eggs are? It was bearable but not my preferred way to eat eggs. That roll is the one I’m talking about, custard filled for the win.


The seating was plentiful. The lounge was very busy this morning and there were plenty of spaces to sit. We opted for some of the bar seating to the left of the bottom photo above.


As with all of the lounges so far, there was a lot of seating right at the window to plane watch for those of you who are like me and have become aviation geeks.


And for those that need to get some last minute business done before your flight, there were stations for you to sit and get work done or to just sit and read the paper like that gentleman. The lounge had the major newspapers available from almost every country so you can easily find something in your language.

After we had finished our meal and spent some time relaxing, we had a little bit of time to kill before our flight and our flight was on the other side of the terminal, we headed to the other Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge, The Wing.


Where The Pier had lots of wood, browns and greens, The Wing was blacks and whites with a very modern feel. It was a very welcoming place and the lounge was open, where The Pier was in a basement, The Wing was up above and looked down on the terminal. It was very bright and the “open air” feel was very inviting. We had a couple hot chocolates that were easily in our top 3 best ever hot chocolates, along with free Hagen-Dazs, very dangerous, and relaxed at the bar.


For those wanting a quick bite, there were little sandwiches and pastries available, though much less than The Pier had.


We opted for the Noodle Bar. The Noodle Bar is where you can get any Asian noodle dish you want cooked on the spot. We decided to share one because we had a meal coming on our flight yet, it took about 5-10 minutes and was very delicious. All of the food during our time in the Cathay lounges was amazing.

Once our noodles were done it was time to board our flight. Cathay’s regional A330 planes don’t have lie flat seats for sleeping, instead they have extra recline seats. I am a very picky sleeper whereas Sam can fall asleep anywhere anytime. I would never be able to fall asleep in one of these seats so if you’re like me, don’t take this flight at a time when you should be sleeping.


The seats were very spacious with a decent amount of storage at your feet and in the seat pocket between your seat and the seat beside you. They had great little phone holders between the seat backs in front of you which I found very convenient and we usually have to put them in the seat back pouch and it falls all the way to the bottom. Usually not a big deal but this made things way easier. You just can’t use them during takeoff or landing.


We were offered a welcome drink and warm nuts right away; Sam chose orange juice and I just wanted a water. Quickly after we took off we were offered another drink of our choice to go with dinner. I ordered a gin and tonic and Sam reunited with her old friend Cloud Nine.


The star of this flight was the food. After eating caviar and drinking Krug champagne, we weren’t sure how this flight would compare. The menus (seen above) had a good variety. I went with the lamb and Sam went with the chicken.


We were served our starting dishes, salad and shrimp and we quickly devoured them as we has saved room specifically for this flight and purposely didn’t eat much in the Wing lounge.The garlic bread again was to die for. This was a good start and we were excited for our mains. The food was served from a tray instead of being served directly to you like in First Class, but our tables were still made with silverware and white tablecloths before being served our food.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the lamb was one of the best lamb dishes I’ve ever had. And the portion size was very generous. The meat was so tender, fall apart, melt-in-your-mouth good. Sam’s chicken was very tasty as well with a good amount of spice on the chicken which was nice and moist (sorry to those of you who hate that word).

For a final dish we were offered a cheese plate, fruit plate or both. I opted for a fruit plate and Sam declined. The dessert then came, Hagen Dazs ice cream. Nobody says no to ice cream and on this flight they had my favourite, Cookies n Cream :). I may or may not have had multiples…

The rest of the flight was smooth and the service was excellent as expected. The flight attendants were quick to respond to any needs we had but we didn’t ever feel like they were hovering which was ideal.

This was a trip of a lifetime and there isn’t much that could have made it any better. We were super thankful for the opportunity to take this trip (although flying economy on the was home was a change) and had a great time. For pictures from our trip, follow us on Instagram, we’re about halfway through posting our favourite pictures so there are still more to come.

If any of you reading this want to know how you can take a similar trip, here is how we paid for it:

70,000 Alaska Airlines Miles per person for one way

~$125CAD in taxes and fees per person

Total: 140,000 Alaska Miles + ~$250CAD in taxes/fees.

If you are churning with a partner, this trip can be done after one year of churning the Alaska Airlines World Elite Mastercard. You can read more about that card in this post.

Thanks for reading this mini series. If you have any questions please comment below or email us at adventureneverenns@gmail.com

Never stop adventuring!